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High Dosage Publicly Funded K-12 Services

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For nearly five decades, Huntington Learning Center has worked with schools and organizations to provide publicly funded K-12 tutoring and test prep services such as Title I and ESSER. Our goal is to provide the highest quality education to all students, fulfilling Huntington’s mission “to give every student the best education possible”. We offer results-driven academic programs, including high-dosage tutoring in reading and math, and prep for state exams and SAT/ACT.

We offer:

Individualized tutoring and test prep programs for small and large groups

Data-driven approach to meet students and schools needs 

Programs available at your school or location, a local Huntington Learning Center, online or a combination of online and in-person

Experienced and certified teachers and accredited programs

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Huntington gets results:

Our goal is to help students reach their full potential. Our recent study shows that Huntington students achieve great results. In just 50 hours of instruction during the 2021-2022 academic year, Huntington students improved their math scores by 35% and reading scores by 33%. We are committed to providing high-quality instruction to help our students succeed. 


Our Services and Support:

Funding We Support:

Education Savings Accounts and Scholarships

ESEA Tutoring services such as Title I

ESSER Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief through ESF, ESEA/ESSA, IDEA, CARES ACT, CRRSA

IDEA Compensatory services


STATE & COUNTY FUNDING including Education Savings Account (ESA)

TITLE I Academic programs for struggling learners

TITLE IV 21st Century Learning Community Centers

TITLE VII Grants for programs including unhoused and economically disadvantaged students

OTHER FUNDING SOURCES such as homebound students, private schools, districts, charter schools and other agency funds


Recent Success Stories: 



Partnering with Huntington Learning Center has enabled us to provide targeted support and enrichment opportunities for our students in more ways than we were able to offer ourselves.  Our students took advantage of flexible and comprehensive curriculum support for English and Math during the school year and ELA and Math skill-based enrichment courses and SAT boot camps over the summer.  The experts from HLC worked to customize a program for us, even offering their services off-site at our school, in order to complement our school schedule and the needs of our students and community.  They communicated with us and the parents of our students frequently to ensure a smooth operation, a transition from their programs to course materials for students, and parental understanding and support.  During the school year, our students demonstrated increased comprehension of course material, diligence and organizational skills, and improvement in their scores demonstrated such. We are grateful for the extra opportunities that such a partnership afforded our students and look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

MID-Rumson/Fair Haven school – Sarah Fitzgerald, Director of Curriculum & Instruction



Huntington is accredited by the Middle States Association (MSA). The accreditation certifies Huntington’s competency and credibility when it comes to tutoring programs by meeting or exceeding commonly accepted standards of educational quality. 


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