The Benefits of SAT Prep

By Huntington Learning Center

The Benefits of SAT Prep

The college admissions process can be one of the most stressful parts of raising a teenager. For many parents, it is the culmination of a long process; they hope that those years of decision-making and support will lead to an acceptance letter to a good college, which will pave the way for adulthood, independence, and a worthwhile career.

There are many aspects to the college admissions process, and taking the SAT is routinely cited as a major concern for both teens and parents, for good reason. The test results will be considered heavily when colleges are reviewing applications and could be the deciding factor in your child's acceptance or denial at an institution.

So how does a concerned parent bridge any gaps between their child’s current level of knowledge and the skills that he or she will need to do well on the SAT? One of the most proven methods is to enroll your child in a respected and established SAT prep program. There are many benefits to SAT prep, including the following: 

  • A Higher Score:  In the competitive world of college admissions, even a slight increase in score can be the difference between the desired college acceptance notification and a disappointing rejection letter.
  • Expert Help: Experts on the test know that it's not just your child's knowledge that is being tested, but also his or her understanding and ability to reason. They will be the best able to instruct your child on test-taking strategies that are tailored, both to the test and to your child's particular learning style.
  • Reduced pressure: The combination of practice – which aids familiarity – and expert advice will help to alleviate the pressure that your teen might experience with a test that can have a big impact on his or her future. As your child becomes more familiar with the test, your child’s comfort levels and confidence will rise.
  • Financial Aid: The cost of college has increased enormously over the last decade. Since many colleges provide financial aid based, in part, on an applicant's SAT scores, the investment in a prep program can lead to significant monetary benefits down the road.

The SATs do not have to induce panic in you or your child. By enrolling in a recognized SAT prep program, you can alleviate some of the tension and ensure that your teen is as prepared as possible. Enroll now before the fall SAT season arrives!


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