Find Out How Tutor Services Help Students Increase Their Understanding

By Huntington Learning Center

Get a Jump on the New School Year by Investing in Tutor Services!

There's no better time to choose tutor services than the start of a new school year. Investing in tutoring services can help your child master new concepts, improve study skills, prepare for an upcoming exam, or build a solid foundation of academic skills. Many students benefit from the personalized sessions that aim to increase both understanding and confidence.

Huntington Learning Centers offer tutoring services in:

Subject Tutoring

Your child can benefit from tutor services in a variety of subject areas, primarily in the mathematics and science domains. These tutoring sessions are designed to meet the rigorous demands of school coursework. Students seek subject tutoring for a variety of reasons including difficulty mastering new skills and knowledge, letter grade improvement, and homework help. Regardless of the reason for tutoring, each student is treated as an individual and is presented with a tutoring plan that is customized for specific needs. Perhaps your child is struggling in 8th grade pre-algebra. Before the very first tutoring session your child will be assessed for both strengths and weaknesses. This information is used to create a tutoring plan that addresses weak areas while reinforcing the new learning occurring in the pre-algebra class.

Test Preparation

A child's education is filled with high stakes tests including state achievement tests, college placement tests, and advanced placement exams. What exams will your child be taking this year? Success on these exams is determined by academic preparation and a specific set of test taking skills.  The tutors at Huntington Learning Center can help with both. Tutors review and coach students on each tested academic area and the kinds of questions that will be asked. For example, a portion of the SAT exam assesses a student's vocabulary with cloze items. A cloze question requires students to choose the missing word in a sentence, completing the sentence with proper syntax. Students may choose to complete the sentence with an appropriate word that maintains the sentence's meaning before reading any of the multiple choice answers. Upon reading the answer choices the student can then find a synonym for the initial response. A portion of a tutoring session may be dedicated to specific strategies and then followed by guided practice.

Study Skills

Strong study skills are the foundation to ongoing success in school. A child who lacks sound study habits and proper organizational skills is more likely to struggle to keep pace with academic demands. A new school year is an excellent opportunity to reinforce your child's study skills or learn additional ways to study for the year's upcoming courses. Consider a student that is enrolled in a physics class for the first time. Although he experienced previous success in biology and chemistry he may quickly learn that his study skills need a boost to handle all the new content physics will present. Investing in tutoring sessions to target a different set of study skills more appropriate for physics will allow him to experience success and feel more confident in class.

Academic Skills

Core academic skills, such as reading, writing, vocabulary, and math, are crucial for a student's success during the upcoming school year. If you are concerned with the foundation of your child's academic skills now is a great time to invest in tutoring sessions. These sessions are designed to meet a student's specific needs. Each academic area is broken down into specific skills typically present in various grade levels. For example, an elementary student receiving tutoring in math concepts and computation would focus on basic computation, fractions, and decimals while a high school student would be working on algebra skills and advanced word problems. The developmental sequence of academic skill attainment is used in planning what areas a student should be mastering next.