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Join ADHD Blog Author Dr. Mary Rooney and Huntington Learning Center in discussing important information and tips for parents of children with ADHD.
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Do ADHD Medications Lead to Addiction?

ADHD medication can be an important part of a comprehensive treatment plan for kids with ADHD. When a child or teen responds well to medication, the positive impact on almost every aspect of their life is profound.

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How Involved Should Parents Be Involved in Therapy for Teenagers with ADHD?

When a younger child is receiving therapy for ADHD, there’s no question that parents should be highly involved in their treatment. In fact, all evidence-based treatments for ADHD require parents to learn skills and strategies to support their child at home. But when it comes to teenagers, being involved in treatment can feel like more of a gray area for parents.

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Getting Resistant Teens with ADHD to Attend Therapy Sessions

When your teenager is struggling, you naturally want to do everything that you can to help them. For many teens with ADHD, that means working with a therapist as part of their treatment plan. But what can do you do as a parent if you know that your teen needs therapy, but they refuse to attend sessions? How can you get them the help they need if you can’t even get them into the therapist’s office in the first place?

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5 Books for Kids with ADHD

Age-appropriate books with characters who have ADHD symptoms can be a great resource when it comes to helping kids with ADHD understand their own experiences. These books can spark “aha” moments for kids and serve as excellent conversation starters for meaningful discussions between parents and kids.

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Tips for Helping Kids with ADHD Manage Transitions

In my previous post I discussed the reasons why so many kids with ADHD struggle to successfully transition from one activity to another throughout the day. The good news is that while transitions are much more difficult for kids with ADHD than kids without ADHD, with some targeted support and accommodations, transitioning between activities can become much easier.

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Why Do Kids with ADHD Struggle with Transitions?

For many kids with ADHD the most difficult times of the day are those that happen when they are transitioning from one activity to another. At school, it may be when they are ending an academic period and getting ready to head to art class or to lunch. Or it may be during more subtle transitions, like when they are moving from circle time on the rug to classwork at their desk. At home, challenging transitions come up when a child needs to settle down for homework time after playing video games, or when they need to transition into their bedtime routine.

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