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The First Video Game Treatment for ADHD Approved by the FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which evaluates the safety and effectiveness of medications and other treatments, recently approved EndeavorRxTM as the first video game prescription treatment for ADHD. 

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Tips for Using Negative Consequences Effectively

Many of the parents that I have worked with have concerns about using negative consequences with their child. Here are some helpful tips on effectively leveraging negative consequences.

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Helping Kids with ADHD Follow Safe Playdate Guidelines as Social Distancing Rules Relax

As social distancing rules become more relaxed, parents are faced with tough decisions about when and how to allow their child to have safe playdates with friends. If you decide that it is time for your child to resume in-person playdates, experts recommend taking precautions, including playing outside, avoiding contact sports and games, wearing masks, and keeping kids a few feet apart while they play. 

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Eight Steps for Teaching Your ADHD Child to Resolve Sibling Conflicts

With families spending so much time social distancing together, spikes in sibling rivalry are inevitable. Some kids with ADHD need extra support from their parents, in the form of concrete social skills that they can use to resolve arguments with their siblings.

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Tips for Dealing with Sibling Rivalry During Covid-19

Siblings are spending more time together than ever before, which means there’s greater opportunity for family bonding and greater opportunity for sibling conflict. 

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Simple Tips for Boosting Academic Motivation in Kids with ADHD

With summer-like weather upon us and many weeks spent without a structured school schedule, kids with ADHD are struggling to focus on their schoolwork like never before.

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