Summer Tutoring

Avoid Summer Learning Loss!

Summer Tutoring Programs for Students in K-12th

Throughout the summer, Huntington Learning Center offers a wide range of individualized programs for every student’s needs. Whether your child wants to build a foundation to get ahead in the next grade or they need help catching up in a specific subject, we have you covered.

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 “Last year my son started summer tutoring and this year he received straight A's in his Honors classes. Thank you Huntington!” - Danielle T.

We begin with an initial academic evaluation and parent conference to determine what your child needs. Then we set up a flexible schedule where students work at their own pace. Don't let summer pass by without helping your child build the motivation and confidence they need to succeed in the upcoming school year. 



The expectations for students entering kindergarten continues to grow. Help your child succeed with help from Huntington. At Huntington, students work 1:1 with a certified teacher to learn letter recognition, phonics skills, reading skills, and numbers.  



Summer is a great time for students to catch up or get ahead and prepare for the best school year ever! At Huntington, we'll work with your students to reinforce or build a foundation of skills including reading, writing, phonics, math and study skills, which will be used for later learning. 



As your student prepares for high school, give them the edge they need to get ahead in their school career. Huntington provides individualized tutoring programs to help them over the hurdle of acclimating to greater demands from their teachers as well as the level of difficulty of their classwork, tests, quizzes and homework. 



Whether your teen is struggling in school due to the added demands of their high school curriculum or is looking for a stronger performance and better grades, Huntington can help. With a tutoring program to meet your teen's specific needs, Huntington can help improve your teen's confidence in study skills, writing, math, and science. 



Summer is the perfect time for rising high school juniors and seniors to prep for the SAT or ACT outside of their normal school activities. Huntington's individualized SAT and ACT prep programs for students seeking to significantly increase their scores and expand their college and scholarship options. 


Make This summer count at Huntington!

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Huntington Advantage is a customized, targeted tutoring program available to K-12 students. The program is tailored to your student’s needs and designed to build their skills, confidence and motivation. First, we assess each student’s needs and areas of opportunity. We then customize the learning program just for them. No two programs are alike, but every program is intended to give students an edge—the Huntington Advantage!

The program is designed to work within your family’s busy summer schedule.  We offer a variety of program lengths and lots of flexibility. Our accredited tutoring and test prep programs are delivered by certified teachers. 

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