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Online Tutoring Has Helped My Daughter

Deanne, These times are challenging and I know that Heidi, 6, can be a challenge with focusing as well as trying to learn through a computer. Huntington e-learning is an excellent solution to these uncertain times and has proven to be effective for my 6 year old. Heidi enjoys her daily sessions with Kelsey and looks forward to her meetings with her. We have seen a significant improvement in her reading as well as her confidence with sounding out challenging words. Thank you so much for your...

FROM: Pete and Dawn

Online Tutoring with Huntington During COVID-19

Good afternoon. I wanted to take the time to share thoughts on our experience with Huntington ACT prep. We are at the mid-point of the prep course. As a result of COVID-19, all of our son's ACT prep tutoring has been administered online. We could not be more pleased with the content, instructors and overall experience thus far. The techniques and strategies taught are proving invaluable and I am confident we will see an exponential increase in his score. During these unprecedented times, I...

FROM: Christal

The results have been excellent!

My daughter attends PHS. She was sick for several weeks during school and was struggling to keep up with current work while also making up work from a previous semester. We turned to Huntington iLawrenceville. Just as we were getting settled in, the virus hit & they had to close. We waited as they transitioned to online and then resumed our sessions via Zoom. The results have been excellent. It has been even easier online; they can accommodate to our schedule and my daughter is in her own...

FROM: Doree F

Getting the Grade

Both my children attended tutoring at the Lincoln Park center and have demonstrated tremendous academic growth. My son benefited from the study skills program which challenged him to become an independent learner. His study habits improved so much, that homework is no longer a chore. My daughter has displayed learning difficulties in a number of content areas, with math being one. After about 6 wks in the program she earned her first B in math! I can't express how happy we are! She was recently...

FROM: Sheila J.

Gaining Confidence

My 8-year-old son started at a different location. Once the Fullerton locations opened we transferred right away because it was so close to our house. The team is very personable, organized and kept open communication. They also continued communication with my son’s teacher throughout the process. Not only did my son bring up his grades to A's but he gained a confidence that he didn't have before attending. Everyone was vested in my son's success. I'm so happy we decided to complete the...

FROM: Nadia S.

Journey to Getting Target Score

Huntington has been such an impactful tool in my journey to getting my target score on the Act. After completing about thirty hours of in-center learning my score has gone up drastically. I can only assume that as I continue my score will continue to increase. I recommend sending or coming to this learning center for the ACT or SAT prep.

FROM: Payton J.

Help with Calculus

Dennis and his team were awesome. Our son goes to ISU and needed some help getting through calculus. We appreciated their flexibility with scheduling and tailored plan that fit our son's needs. Thank you so much for all you do!!

FROM: Terri

Learning for ACT

This has been a great experience for our high school son! He is learning and enjoys it!

FROM: Brandi Storm
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