Huntington Works

....My son worked hard during each session at the center and always seemed to leave with a sense of accomplishment. Regular discussions with his tutors and the center director kept me aware of his progress, and the fact that there was no work to do outside of his time at the center was a big plus for us. The staff and curriculum at Huntington have exceeded all of my expectations. My son is a more successful and enthusiastic student because he now has the confidence, and the tools, to attack an...


We love Huntington

...I have tried many tutoring centers to support my son's efforts at school, and Huntington Learning Center has proved to be the best option for our family. The initial assessment revealed his true skill level was not aligned to his current grade level, and a plan was put in place to start filling his learning gaps. Within the first few sessions, the team at Huntington was able to expose specific concepts that were causing frustration at school, and his work at the center was customized to...

FROM: Millicent B.

Strong Support

Huntington is the best learning center that I have been to. I really love Mrs. Anum and the other staff they have been really good to me, and really helped me improve in my learning skills so that I can become a better learner THANK YOU HUNTINGTON LEARNING CENTER !!!!!!!!!! :)

FROM: Gutierrica W.

Excelling at School

I did terrible last year in school but now I'm excelling in school and I am in the top 25. Thanks to Huntington Learning Center. :)

FROM: B. Kumar

Prepared for 1st Grade

My daughter Braxtynn loves her teachers and is enjoying learning. Huntington is taking the pressure off of me to make sure my child is ready for first grade. I feel like when school starts she will be a lot closer to being ready for first grade than she was before Huntington. They have a flexible schedule I am liking the location and the area surrounding Huntington.

FROM: Robynn Burleson

Success with Strategies

My 6th grader has made a copious change in her study habits since coming here. She seems to be learning some very important techniques. I'm glad I decided to maintain her attendance throughout the summer as she is well on track for her current studies.

FROM: Stacy Dunn

Recognition from School Teacher

Here is what one school teacher had to say: I have noticed a great change in him and wanting to get his work done. In the beginning I would set goals of getting 3-5 problems done rather than 10 in math. He now finishes sometime an entire 15-20 problems during our math period. This goes for all subjects, I give him his assignment and it gets completed, he may have a few to correct, but his willingness to get his work done is awesome. His reading skills have also improved and he loves...

FROM: School Teacher

Surpassed my loftiest expectations...

Huntington Learning Center-Weddington has surpassed my loftiest expectations and their program produces SUCCESS! From the initial assessment to exit assessment, the directors, teachers and support staff provided my husband and I and most importantly, our son, individualized attention, honest and frequent feedback and encouragement every step of the way. Under their tutelage and specific programming individualized to his needs, my son’s reading comprehension improved significantly, from the...

FROM: Hasmig H.
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