Huntington Learning Center Testimonials

I cannot recommend this place highly enough!

I cannot recommend this place highly enough! Their method is effective and completely customized to each student. The owner of this particular location was so knowledgeable and helpful. Huntington has completely changed the trajectory of my student’s learning journey!

FROM: Maggie

So glad to have found Huntington!

So glad to have found Huntington! I love how the staff has been excellent and supportive in helping me make the right choices and providing options that work for my little ones. I always thought this was for older kids only but they are here for kids of all ages and really work with you. My kids don't like everyone but they love Huntington. They even work with you on payment options which is so helpful, especially when you have more than one child.

FROM: Stacey

My child's progress has been remarkable since enrolling here.

Absolutely outstanding experience at Huntington Learning Center! My child's progress has been remarkable since enrolling here. The personalized attention and tailored approach to their learning needs have truly made a difference. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and dedicated to helping every student succeed. The center's curriculum is comprehensive and effective, providing a solid foundation for academic growth. I highly recommend Huntington Learning Center to any parent seeki...


Ed is now a better student and improved from D's to A's

Huntington Cupertino is not like other tutoring centers in the area. They take a different approach to addressing the academic challenges and growth of the student. My son Ed 7th gr was falling behind in math and lit. Teachers & I were concerned for declining grades and test scores. I had him take a free eval test at XX center, but all they could tell me was he is below avg. I took him to Huntington and paid the evaluation fee. I learned so much about my child, and they showed me each skill ...

FROM: Sasha P.

Not the weakest link, by far, thanks to Huntington!

We’ve had our third grader at Huntington for about a year and a half. They’ve been tremendous in helping her improve her reading and analytical skills. She loves going to her sessions every week and working with her teachers. More than anything she’s developed more confidence at school and enjoys learning!

FROM: Nicole C.

Katie got a 1410 and Presidential scholarship

Pleased to advise that Katie will be attending University of Arizona for Mechanical Engineering. She qualified for the Presidential Scholarship which equates to $32,000 per year! I am convinced that the extra help from Huntington really made the difference. Getting that 1410 score was key. Katie also received academic scholarships from The University of Pittsburgh, Rensselaer PolyTech, Rowan University and NC State University. We made visits to 11 schools and settled on University of Arizona. Th...

FROM: Keith Boyer

7 Point Increase on ACT

We fully recommend Huntington Learning Center for ACT prep. My daughter raised her composite score 7 points, which not only meets admissions requirements for her selected schools but better positions her for merit awards that more than pay for the HLC program. The team and instructors at Huntington were professional, knowledgeable and motivating and really helped my daughter polish up in some areas and learn critical test-taking strategies. Huntington ensured us the ACT is “beatable” and we ...

FROM: Chris P

Engaged and motivated kids

We have recently started tuition programs for both of my kids (K, and 2nd grade), and it’s been great experience so far. Programs are tailored to their individual needs, teachers seem to be quite professional and patient, Ms Khan (director) is very approachable and knows each child very well. Overall there seems to be a nice balance between challenging and learning while still keeping kids engaged and motivated, my kids like their teachers.

FROM: Anastasia Lukina
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