Huntington Learning Center Testimonials

Anthony's SAT Improvement!

Leah – wanted to send a huge thank you to you and the team at Huntington for helping Anthony achieve a 1320 on his recent SAT. When we came to you he had just scored an 1190 and we were looking for a minimum of 1210. You set your goal at 1250. His reading went from 630 to 730 and math 560 to 590! I also appreciated how you reached out when you heard the testing center had cancelled the June 4th exam due to weather. It was great to know you were there for us if we needed more tutoring for a ...

FROM: Vivian Porcelli

Great improvements!

The teachers are extremely patient and detailed. My son feels that he has improved tremendously since starting at Huntington. We are now going to pursue Huntington for my daughter as well! Well worth every penny!


Life changing improvements!

My son has improved in both his reading and his math by leaps and bounds. He enjoys going there, as the tutors and staff are very kind and helpful. I wish I would have sent him here sooner! It has been life changing for him. We love Huntington Stillwater!


Overcoming COVID Learning Impacts

Due to the coronavirus, I felt my kids didn't get the one-on-one, or in person learning experience they should have. With Huntington, you will. I would recommend Huntington to everyone.


I love the 1 on 1

I love the 1 on 1 work you do and my daughter loves coming to your center. She finds the learning fun and it's great to see her excelling and enjoying learning again. All of the staff are friendly, accommodating and happy to answer any questions I've had.

FROM: Karen T.

Best SAT/ACT prep

Huntington Bellevue learning center has top ACT/SAT teachers in this area. The teachers are very experienced on different subjects. The center team always quick response on course coordination. They are flexible on scheduling. The center offers individually customized courses contents according to the student’s mock test. Everyone in the team is very dedicated and professional, including the manager and all the teachers. Follow up the progress of students at any time, and adjust course content...

FROM: Jenny W

5 stars google review

We started hunting Learning Center three months ago. Thus far, my 10 yr old has really enjoyed it and showed growth in classes and independent work, and feels confident asking for help in specific subjects. The best part is there is little to no complaining as we leave for tutoring!


A great investment

Their ACT program was by far the best investment we have ever made. They helped our daughter earn a full scholarship for college. They were flexible with schedules. They were super friendly and so helpful!! We can’t reccommend them highly enough!!!

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