Genuine Interest in Children's Education

Their genuine interest in my children’s education. The thorough assessment of their skills and weaknesses and how they tap into that knowledge to get my kids excited to learn and successful in implementing their newly learned study skills. - Barb

FROM: Barb

Huntington Individualizes Instruction

Huntington tailors their tutoring around your child's needs. They meet the student where they are and develop a plan to help them flourish. We have worked directly with the Center Director to plan a convenient schedule that works with our child's school schedule and activities. Their talented and experienced teachers are amazing! They have the perfect learning tools and lesson plans. They provide thorough evaluations and progress reports to measure your child's growth along their learning...

FROM: Abby

Personalized Program

Very friendly personable service. Steve and Stacey very helpful creating individual education plans.


Great experience with program

My daughter is a great fan of Huntington and thoroughly enjoyed her interactions with the tutoring staff! She never complained once and daily repeated how much she liked being there and how helpful everyone was... as well as how complimentary the team was to her! I think she would like some more tutoring just for fun! Thank you again for making arrangements to squeeze her in last minute. I am confident the efforts will contribute to her scores and her ongoing test taking strategies!


Help w AP Calsses

My daughter was struggling in an extremely difficult AP class. The staff at Huntington Learning Center Lancaster took the time to understand her goals and challenges in the subject and got her back on track. Now she is doing better than she ever expected and her confidence has skyrocketed. Thank you HLC Lancaster!

FROM: Lesley C

Huntington Helped My Math!

Having the opportunity to work with Michele at Huntington Learning Center completely changed my view on math. She helped explain the subject better than any teacher I've ever had and provided a clear picture. Without Huntington and Michele, I would have never felt as confident in math as I do now. I highly recommend Huntington Learning Center and Michele and I am proud to say my math skills have improved tremendously.

FROM: Ashley K

Reading Improvement and Private High School Admissions

A few years ago my son struggled with school and was in the lowest reading class. We decided to try Huntington of Oswego to help him and could not be more pleased. He is now in honors math, science & language arts and more confident in the classroom. This past year, our son now in 8th grade, we went back to Huntington to help him prepare for the Benet High School entrance exam. I am pleased to announce that our son, with help from Huntington, scored an 88.7% and was accepted into Benet. I can't...


My son reached his ACT goal!

Mr. Miller, I just wanted to say thank you to all the staff at Huntington for helping my son reach his goal. In 6 short weeks he improved his score and got accepted into Indiana University. I am sure if he had utilized everything Huntington had to offer he would have done ever better. Thank you again!

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