My daughter started with Huntington on 1-15-18. After two sessions, one of Math and one of English for SAT prep she is so happy after her first week. She feels more confident, like wow I can do better on the SAT. She has told her friends at school she is being privately tutored. And she expressed after last nights session that when she goes to college she knows that all the coming weeks of tutoring will help with her future and make her feel better when she takes tests.


Son increased his ACT score 7 points!

They helped my oldest son raise his ACT score 7 points in all subjects. He was accepted to college!!

FROM: Renee Stubbings

Tools provided will help our son throughout his future

We are very impressed with the instruction our son is getting to prepare him for the ACT. The tools and education provided by the Huntington Learning Center will help our son throughout his future. Thank you so much!!

FROM: Tracy Michel

1:1 Tutor makes all the difference in the World

We've used your services for both of our children at various stages in their grade levels, both early on and even now we have one in college. We are still utilizing your math tutoring as sometimes you run into language barriers with professors and it's very difficult if your child already struggles with that topic, Having 1:1 with a tutor who can explain it in terms that your child can absorb makes all the difference in the world. Our daughter went from a 4 to a 1 in her last class and...

FROM: Valerie Keeton

Congratulations to Andrew for Completing His ACT Program!

Huntington was an excellent learning experience. I learned things here that I would not have learned anywhere else. I feel like I absorbed the topics really well. It was a fun learning experience for me. Everyone (especially Bruce and Thane!) that has taught me knew what they were doing and explained it to me in a great way. I would recommend this place for anybody.

FROM: Andrew Clegg

Nick got his target score in SAT and was able to get into his dream college with scholarship!!!

I joined the SAT program at Huntington the summer before my senior year. I had taken the test a few times - studied on my own and also taken the Princeton classes - but did not have the score I needed. We heard about Huntington and decided to check it out. I loved their program. Chetna is great, she explained the test, gave a very detailed analysis of my scores. We were able to put together a schedule that worked with my job and practice. Since everything is 1 on 1, we could move at my pace....

FROM: Nick Bayles

Tanvi improved her reading, comprehension and writing skills!!

My experience at Huntington learning center was splendid. Their reading program helps with vocab, getting main ideas, finding details, and writing. I personally found their program very helpful. They work one on one with their students and make sure they understand the content. Huntington learning center has helped me write longer and more descriptive essays. Their programs and help are wonderful.

FROM: Tanvi Rami

Building Skills and Gaining Confidence

Our younger son dreaded going to school and we couldn't figure out why. We finally figured out, he was insecure with his schoolwork and behind his peers. We knew he wasn't the strongest of students but, we didn't realize how frustrating his struggles were. We brought him to HLC Waltham and found out that he had "cracks in his foundation for both reading and math." He started a five month tutoring program and we saw dramatic results. He now enjoys reading and is taking an advanced math class! ...

FROM: Kristen W.
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