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Huntington Learning Center Testimonials

Improve Grades & Self Esteem

I love this place!!! I can only say thank you very much for everything they do to improve grades, children's self-esteem and have excellent teachers for each of the topics we need, the staff is always friendly and they are always helping you with what you need! Thank you!!

FROM: Patricia C.

Amazing Program with Proven Result

The evaluation and tracking of progress and results is more comprehensive than school.

FROM: Kara J.

Best GED Program

Hi, my name is Shane Koss and I love Huntington. The tutor that I have, Martin, is so understanding and creative and the entire staff roots for me. They are an amazingly support group of outstanding people. 11/10

FROM: Shane K.

Highly Recommended for SAT Prep

The owner and staff are very professional, efficient and so eager to support the students to achieve their goals and succeed in life!!!Highly recommended!!!It's worth an investment in your child's future!!!

FROM: Riza A.

Perfect for building Math Skills

My children are engaged and love their tutor. My daughter stated that she will be ready to go when school starts in a few weeks and that she will know concepts before they are taught.

FROM: Sarah F.

Build Motivation and Confidence

Huntington is simply the most credible learning and development center I know! My sister came to live with me a few years ago and was really struggling academically, earning mostly Cs, Ds, and Fs. So, I decided to check out some tutoring centers to get her additional help. Ultimately, we decided to go with Huntington because their approach seemed much more personal. Better yet, the improvement to her confidence, sense of self, pride, and accomplishment was tremendous.

FROM: Christina H.

Huntington was very beneficial!

Huntington is a great place for kids. It will help them with their Reading, Spelling, Math, and so much more. So give this place a chance. It worked for me. Also I had this teacher who was nice and caring. She helped me. Her name is Ms. Becky. She is the nicest teacher ever. I loved coming here to learn new things

FROM: Ivelisse P.

Great Service

Huntington has been a very valuable resource for our family for tutoring in math and language arts, test preparation, and summer refreshers. Huntington has been amazing at matching our children (who are quite different personalities) with tutors that are a good fit with them. Huntington has gone out of their way to understand our family needs and help our children to meet their personal development and academic goals.

FROM: Tiffany W
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