Get Your Child Ready For School

By Huntington Learning Center

Get Your Child Ready for School

The start of the school year causes a mixed reaction among elementary school-aged children. Some are excited to see their friends and begin learning again. Others feel the summer went by in a blink and mourn the loss of the warm weather, playing outside all day and lack of homework. After a long summer of limited learning, students might need extra help preparing for the upcoming school year. 

How can you help your child get ready for school?

  • Slowly adjust your child back into the typical school schedule. In the last weeks before school begins, it is highly beneficial if parents simulate their child’s daily school routine. Practice the morning process of waking up earlier, getting dressed and eating breakfast within your “school schedule.” Therefore, when school begins your child will be well adjusted and able to focus on their day of learning.


    Set the time and place for homework. Whether it is the kitchen table or their own desk, creating a designated place, and a time, for homework makes it a habit. If possible, be available for your student while he or she is doing homework so you can help with any potential problems.
  • Talk with your child’s teachers. During elementary school, it is vital to check in with your child’s teachers. Understand the type of homework, tests and projects your student will be assigned so you can help and aren’t surprised by bigger projects that are on the horizon. Keep track of when your child’s assignments are due so that you can instill time management skills.
  • Find exceptional tutoring services. To ensure your child’s success, turn to tutoring services. Provide your student with professional help so he or she can succeed during the upcoming school year. With the help of a learning center, students will remain on track with what is being taught in their classrooms. Do not wait for your student to show signs of struggling with the subject matter. By introducing tutoring services early in your child’s life, you will instill the first of many valuable lessons – always ask for help when needed!


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