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with programs from 2 to 10 weeks ranging from 30 to 90 hours

Make This SUMMER Count! 

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Now more than ever, it is critical to make this summer count. “The COVID Slide” jeopardizes students’ achievements with the potential to lose over a year’s worth of learning. Huntington Advantage sets students up for success.

Our proven method begins with an initial academic evaluation to develop a personalized learning program to build skills, confidence, and motivation. Our programs vary in length based on each student’s needs and offer flexible scheduling options. Our accredited tutoring and test prep programs are instructed by certified teachers. Huntington Advantage goes beyond the basics to get your child ready for the fall.

Take advantage of the Huntington Advantage and help students beat the “COVID Slide” with programs ranging from two weeks to ten weeks.

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Huntington Advantage For K-12 Students

A better school year starts now! 


Now is the time to prep! With the cancellation and postponement of exams this spring and summer, students need to be ready for when the tests happen later this year. Our 1:1 individualized SAT/ACT programs help students build skills, learn test-taking strategies and time-management tools. Each program is customized to meet each student’s personalized needs and goals. 


Foundational skills are essential for longterm success and our individualized programs build and reinforce academic skills needed to succeed in and out of school. Each program is tailored to the student’s needs building skills from phonics, vocabulary, reading, writing, math, to study skills.


Whether your child needs to get back on track, improve grades, or prepare for high school, Huntington is here to help.  Middle school is a time with greater academic demands, increased classroom difficulty and expanded homework. Our programs prepare students to succeed independently and build motivation and confidence. Huntington provides individualized tutoring for those looking to catch up or get ahead.


High school is critical for setting students up for success in the classroom and beyond. Huntington helps students learn whether the student struggles or falls behind or strives for better grades. Each program is specific to each student’s academic needs.

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