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With HuntingtonHelps LIVE

HuntingtonHelps LIVE can help with school work, homework and K-12 learning at home.

The term "homework" has taken on a whole new meaning - school work is now done at home, homework is now schoolwork!

Amid school closures and strict safety measures requiring much of the public to stay at home during COVID-19, families and students are home, working and learning.

Now parents and students are sharing space at home and we understand that juggling working from home while making sure your children are completing their schoolwork is challenging.

Every school is approaching at home learning differently, while some children are being asked to follow instructions online and submit their work, others are getting more live instruction and then homework to complete. While each situation varies, one thing is the same, navigating the new normal is challenging.

With that in mind, we've developed HuntingtonHelps LIVE with homework help, where our certified tutors for grades K-12, will help students with their individualized homework needs, complete assignments and organize their days from home.

HuntingtonHelps LIVE allows you the peace of mind knowing that your student is continuing their education consistently at home and will not fall behind.

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