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Writing is a fundamental skill, necessary for learners of all ages to succeed in the most basic day-to-day activities. Through writing, students are able to express who they are as individuals, share their unique ideas with peers, and visually work through complex problems. The ability to communicate one's thoughts in an organized, structured, and detail-rich manner is a skill learned after a great deal of practice and guidance.

The experienced writing tutors at Huntington Learning Center are trained to help your child develop and build upon the basic writing skills he or she needs to become a strong and influential writer. We are committed to helping writers at all stages, from the child struggling to get their thoughts on the page to those that have amassed a great deal of knowledge but aim to fine tune their skills. By working with a writing tutor, students from elementary school through high school will learn to convey ideas effectively, concisely, and with proper grammar and usage conventions.

The Importance of Writing Tutoring

Students for whom writing comes a bit more naturally might succeed, children who need extra help may find themselves falling behind. Writing tutoring helps to address these issues, ensuring that students receive the attention they need to help them reach their full potential.

Writing tutoring programs become increasingly necessary as students age, as the demand for more nuanced, thought-provoking, and well-researched writing is not only encouraged but expected. At Huntington, we remove the stress from writing, aiming to build the confidence of all students that pass through our doors and help them find their individual writing voice. Ultimately, this ability to refine one’s ideas and convey them in a way that is unique is the goal of writing, and Huntington’s writing tutors can help your child do just that.

Huntington's Writing Tutoring Programs

With writing tutoring centers located in hundreds of neighborhoods across the United States, we make writing tutoring convenient to students of all abilities everywhere. Our established methods of writing tutoring have proven successful time and time again, with students continually improving their grades in school as they progress throughout the year. Our centers are specially designed to help your child conquer his or her writing goals.

Our writing comprehension tutoring programs begin with a complete academic evaluation of your child's writing strengths and areas for improvement. This assessment allows our tutors to get a strong idea of each student’s individual learning style and academic goals. Depending on your child’s needs, we are equipped to help him or her build foundational writing skills, improve grammar, prepare for essay quizzes and tests, keep up with homework assignments, and more, all of which work together to boost overall grades.

Elementary School Writing Tutoring

In elementary school, students will begin to develop the strong writing foundation they'll need in order to best communicate their ideas to classmates, teachers, and beyond. Our elementary writing tutoring programs cover a broad spectrum of skills including: grammar, punctuation, capitalization, sentence writing, and paragraph writing.

It can be particularly difficult for students during these early years to successfully organize their thoughts in a coherent way, which is why writing tutoring is particularly beneficial.

Middle School Writing tutoring

By middle school, your child has undoubtedly developed strong opinions, thoughts, and ideas accustomed to sharing through text and social media platforms. While he or she may be well versed in Internet lingo and online writing conventions, these skills do not quite translate to the academic writing they'll need for homework assignments in school.

As expectations grow and the demands for higher caliber writing are pressed upon your child, the need for a strong foundation in proper grammar, punctuation, and composition structure becomes increasingly emphasized. By matching your middle schooler with a writing tutor from Huntington, you are truly giving them an edge in their school career. We strive to help all students fully master the writing process from start to finish, building confidence in their abilities and a recognition for the value of writing.

High School Writing Tutoring

For many students, starting high school can be a shock. Social and extracurricular obligations are never-ending, and on top of it all, schoolwork becomes much more difficult and demanding. Between book reports, essays, and research projects, the need for strong writing skills become more apparent than ever. High school juniors and seniors are tasked with the added responsibility of filling out college applications and completing entrance exam essays that directly impact their future.

The writing tutors at Huntington want to help relieve the stress surrounding the writing challenges your high school student is facing. From school assignments to college essays, we will help your child manage and tackle even the most complex writing assignments, ensuring they have the strongest foundation of writing skills set possible. Our writing tutoring programs for high school cover skills such as: poetry, usage, punctuation, writing test essays, writing style, writing reports, author’s purpose, writing college essays, and more.

Getting Started with Huntington’s Writing Tutoring Programs

Writing tutoring is the right option for all students, whether they're struggling with the most basic skills, or are great writers wanting to take their abilities to communicate through prose to the next level. We are excited to unlock your child's full potential, and show them what they’re capable of through the use of a tailored writing tutoring program. Give your child the opportunity to express themselves through writing, build confidence, and succeed in school and all that lies ahead.

Call 1-800-CAN-LEARN today to speak with one of our academic specialists and get your child started on his or her writing tutoring journey today. Your child’s future success begins with a strong writing foundation.

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