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For students of all ages, finding smart ways to prepare for tests, keep up with assignments, and manage their time in a way that allows them to complete all of their assignments effectively and efficiently is crucial. Establishing these habits at an early age is incredibly important, as the demands on students only grow as they progress through the later stages of their academic career.

At Huntington Learning Center, we are equipped to help your student build the study skills he or she needs to achieve and flourish in school. Whether your student is struggling in a number of subjects due their inability to manage time, or your student has great grades but could be a bit more organized, we have the study skills tutoring program for your child.

Establishing Strong Study Skills

For many students in elementary school, middle school, and high school, study skills must be learned. Without these skills, students are often left overwhelmed and stressed by the lack of control they feel over their schoolwork as the steady flow of assignments never stops. The good news is that once proper study skills are in place, your child will view school differently, able to better appreciate and enjoy the material being taught. Further, great study skills do not stop at the classroom, and have the ability to positively impact your child’s performance in extracurricular activities and even in his or her future career. Study skills tutoring through Huntington is the right choice for students of all ages, and our experienced study tutors are prepared to meet your child’s unique needs.

Study Skills for Elementary School Students

This early but critical point in a student's life is when foundational study skills should be introduced and practiced. Your elementary student’s study skills tutor will cover a number of skills with your child, including but not limited to dictionary skills, organization and time management skills, outlining, and reference skills. All of these skills come together to give your student the foundation he or she needs to take notes effectively, read actively, and so much more.

Study Skills for Middle School Students

In middle school, the academic demands placed on your child begin to build. Study skills tutoring at this stage will build upon those set in place during elementary school, and will cover study strategies, test-taking strategies, organization, communication, time management, note-taking, outlining, and reference skills. With these study skills in place, you will see continued improvements in your child's performance in the classroom, and a growing confidence in his or her ability to tackle the demands of daily life.

Study Skills for High School Students

With high school comes more classes, projects, tests, quizzes, essays, and overall responsibilities. If your child hasn't worked with a study tutor yet, it isn’t too late to help them establish study skills to help them keep up with all of their schoolwork. Our study skill tutors will help your child build the study skills he or she needs including executive functioning, study strategies, time management, test-taking strategies, organization, and more. It is important during high school, more than ever, that strong study habits are in place, as your child will soon take on SAT/ACT testing and college applications that will determine his or her future.

Why Choose Huntington?

Parents choose Huntington because we know that no two students are alike. We work hard to make sure all students know that we truly care about their performance in school, and that we will do whatever necessary to make sure they have the tools and resources they need to succeed. With hundreds of study skills tutoring locations in the United States, we are available and accessible to students of all levels and abilities. With the guidance of their study tutor, students who enter our centers gain confidence, and parents gain the peace of mind that their child will be prepared for whatever comes his or her way in life beyond the classroom.

Call 1-800-CAN-LEARN today to speak with one of our academic specialists and get your child started on developing good study skills today. Your child’s future success begins with a strong study skills foundation.

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