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Middle school is an exciting time for students, as it is at this stage in their lives that they come into their own, establishing strong opinions, building friendships, and developing interests. While they may enjoy more robust extracurricular activities and social opportunities, middle school also brings with it a larger workload and more academic responsibilities. Many students find the increased volume of tests, quizzes, and writing assignments to be overwhelming, and they may struggle to manage the amount of work they are expected to juggle.

For this reason, many parents turn to middle school tutoring programs to help keep their student on track. Huntington Learning Center offers unmatched middle school tutoring to students of all levels. Our experienced middle school tutors are equipped to address and handle whatever challenges your child may be facing in the classroom.

The Huntington Middle School Tutoring Process

Finding the right middle school tutoring program for your child doesn't have to be stressful. At Huntington, we make it easy, offering a wide range of services to meet your specific needs. We start by performing a comprehensive assessment of each student’s academic skills and learning style.

Once this assessment is complete, we create an individualized tutoring plan for your middle schooler. With hundreds of middle school tutoring centers across the country, Huntington Learning Center is the leader among middle school tutoring programs, incorporating research-based tutoring methods to help middle school students achieve and exceed their academic goals.

The experienced middle school tutors at Huntington are prepared to work with your middle school student, no matter his or her abilities. Whether your student is struggling in a number of subjects in school and needs an intensive tutoring program to get them back on track, or doing well but wishes to bump his or her GPA up even more, we have the middle school tutoring program for your family. Our middle school tutors are equipped to cover a range of subjects, including:

Reading and Vocabulary

When students reach middle school, they will be introduced to more complex literature that contains sophisticated themes and vocabulary words they are expected to learn and understand. Strong reading skills and the ability to effectively approach and remember new vocabulary words should be established during these early years. Our middle school tutoring programs help students become strong readers, allowing for a deeper understanding of texts and the mastering of new words.


In middle school, students begin their transition into higher-level writing. Students are expected to be able to clearly articulate through writing their unique interpretations and understanding of a wide variety of texts and assignments. Our tutors will make sure your middle schooler's writing is up to par, covering grammar, punctuation, the writing process, test essays, and more.

Study Skills

As workloads increase during middle school, it is important that proper study skills are set in place to help your child keep up with all the assignments thrown their way. Our middle school tutors are experts in building foundational study skills that middle school students can take with them to high school, college, and beyond. Skills we cover include time management, organization, note-taking, test-taking strategies, and more.


For students, math is stressful because it demands a deep understanding of a number of concepts that have been taught since elementary school. If your student is struggling to grasp the content in their math classes, intervention with a tutor is crucial. Math tutoring programs will help get your student back on track, providing the tools they need to comprehend the content taught in math classes, preparing them for the higher-level math classes to come in high school such as pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry foundations.


Science is a wonderful yet challenging combination of theories, concepts, equations, and vocabulary. It can be overwhelming without the right guidance and support. For middle school students struggling in science classes, our tutors are the right choice. From biology to anatomy to chemistry, we've got your middle school student covered, providing the techniques and resources they’ll need to improve their grades and overall performance.

ADHD Support

Middle school students with ADHD are presented with a unique set of challenges that make focusing in class and on assignments very difficult. Our middle school tutors are trained and experienced with working with students with ADHD, helping to equip them with the study strategies they need to do well in school across all subjects.

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Parents choose Huntington's middle school tutoring programs because they know they’re getting unmatched services that lead to better grades and a confidence within their child that they'll carry with them for the rest of their lives. By working with students at their own pace, we set them on a path to success, instilling in them a love for learning and an excitement for all that a strong performance in school brings. Make the right choice for your middle school student and contact us today to discuss middle school tutoring for your child.

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