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When students reach high school, a number of changes occur both socially and academically. Not only are students expected to juggle increasingly demanding extracurricular activities and social obligations, they must also find a way to manage schoolwork that has grown in volume and difficulty. For students of all levels, keeping up with homework, tests, essays, quizzes, and whatever else is thrown their way can be an incredible challenge. For this reason, many families make the decision to incorporate a private tutor into their teen’s routine.

A tutor can help high school students keep up with the many assignments they are expected to complete and perform at a higher level academically. At Huntington Learning Center, our experienced tutors are trusted by families across the country to give their high schoolers the boost they need to improve and maintain their grades and stand out in school.

Importance of High School Tutoring

With high school tutoring centers in hundreds of locations across the United States, Huntington Learning Center is the expert in providing top quality high school tutoring programs to students of all backgrounds and learning abilities. We set ourselves apart through our individualized approach to high school tutoring, assessing your child and taking into account his or her unique needs and learning style before tackling their challenges in school. Our tried and trusted tutoring services for high school students have proven effective time and time again, and we are confident in our tutors’ ability to provide unmatched high school tutoring.

High School Tutoring Programs That Work

Huntington Learning Center has no shortage of high school tutoring programs available for your child. Our tutors for high school students are equipped to work with teens of all levels, whether your teen is struggling in a particular subject and needs in-depth guidance or performs well in school but wants to fine-tune their skills and utilize the knowledge they have acquired in more complex applications. With our broad range of tutoring services for high school students, we are sure to offer just what you’re looking for. The tutoring subjects we cover include:

Critical Reading

Once students reach high school, they are expected to interpret dense and complicated texts, garnering meaning from what an author has stated explicitly or implicitly. We will equip your high school student with the tools they need to appropriately use context clues, define vocabulary, draw conclusions, and importantly, form a unique opinion about what they’ve read.


Many students turn to high school tutoring to help with writing, as this skill is invaluable both in the classroom and in day-to-day life. Strong writing skills set a student apart from others on college applications and demonstrate his or her ability to communicate effectively and think independently.

Study Skills

There is no doubt that workloads increase substantially when a student reaches high school. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure that your high school student is equipped with the right skills to stay on top of his or her schoolwork to maintain grades and GPA. Our high school tutoring programs will help your child establish strong study skills in organization, time management, research, note-taking, and more.


Due to the complexity of high school math classes, it is easy for students to find themselves falling behind if they fail to grasp the concepts taught at the start of the school year. High school tutoring in math aims to build a strong foundation in this difficult subject area. Math will no longer be the intimidating and frustrating subject it used to be. At Huntington, we offer all math tutoring subjects for high schoolers including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, and calculus.


Many high school students find science classes particularly stressful, as this subject introduces a number of complicated concepts, equations, vocabulary, and theories they must process and apply in unique ways. Our high school tutoring programs address the challenges your student is facing in science head-on, taking a comprehensive approach to dealing with the areas in which they struggle and providing them with the tools they need to succeed. At Huntington, we offer all science tutoring subjects including basic science concepts, earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics.

ADHD Support

For those students diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), the demands of high school can be overwhelming. Their difficulties with focus, lack of motivation, or inability to set goals can lead them to fall behind. With proper tutoring services for high school students with ADHD, however, your teen can succeed through individualized attention and care.

Getting Started with Huntington

You can't go wrong with one of Huntington's tutors for high school students. No matter the subject, we are capable of unlocking all that your child has to offer, helping him or her to improve their grades and build their confidence. The confidence they gain from their ability to perform will undoubtedly trickle across all facets of their life, making them an unstoppable force in college, in their career, and beyond. Contact us today to discuss the high school tutoring options available for your child.

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