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Taking the ACT or SAT can be a daunting experience, but Huntington can help. Many students do not have an opportunity to take a practice ACT or SAT prior to sitting for their exam, but that does not have to be the case. Huntington knows the importance of taking practice exams, and that is why we provide full-length ACT and SAT practice tests to students at our centers, as well as at participating schools and community centers. Check with your school or your local Huntington Learning Center to determine when each test is being offered.

Benefits of Practice Tests

Huntington has over 40 years of experience providing quality test prep programs in our neighborhood tutoring centers. By also offering practice tests at participating schools, we provide students the opportunity to take a full-length practice test in conditions mirroring those they will experience the day of the actual exam. Additionally, we provide students and their parents with valuable exam information and a complimentary detailed score analysis that pinpoints the student’s strength and weaknesses and allows them to see if the student has the scores needed for the schools of his or her choice, or if additional preparation is needed.

Students who take advantage of these practice tests feel more at ease taking the actual exam because they know what to expect, and they have a clearer picture of how they will perform.

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"On behalf of our daughter, we would like to say thank you for a job well done. In searching for a tutor, we researched different learning centers and chose Huntington because of its personalized approach to tutoring and skills development. Nicole’s performance has improved significantly in a very short time. The one-to-one preparation and practice exams are going to be pivotal to her success on the actual exam and will surely benefit her in college. We are very grateful to Huntington."

Common questions About Practice Tests

Because space is limited, each student is required to register in advance for practice tests. Students can register online at and will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail.

Huntington provides a complimentary group presentation to discuss the exam and to provide score information to students and families.

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