Huntington Learning Center Testimonials

Trey Learned To Read

We love Huntington. Nancy and team were incredible for my son… it truly was the best money I’ve ever spent! My son was in first grade and was not able to read and also has speech issues. He spent approximately one year with Huntington (it was tough and many hours), however, not only were they able to get him caught up, but he passed 1st grade and has excellent grades in the 2nd grade. I can’t say enough about the work being done there! We love them and would give 10 stars if we could! Than...

FROM: Steve Rockwell

Enjoyed Tutoring sessions

I really enjoyed my tutoring sessions at Huntington, Colorado Springs location. The staff and teachers were great. I learned to write a lot here and the material was taught in a very understandable way. All in all it was pretty good.

FROM: Seamus R

Huntington was right!

Having our son prepare for the SAT has helped him in more ways than just improving his score! He is doing better on his tests at school and he is more sure of himself. He is able to apply with confidence to better schools with his improved SAT score. Thank you

FROM: Kelly W


“The Huntington program has been remarkable! The program was specifically designed to enhance problem areas noted on his past exams. His tutors are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The classroom setting is one with a family atmosphere which encourages him to reach his potential. Within a short period of time, my son’s test scores have improved and his confidence increased. Thank you Huntington!”

FROM: Paulette W

What else is there to say...

Not until we decided that Huntington was the best option for us did we look for a location. In other words, having the best was of the utmost importance, no matter how far we had to drive. We were immediately put at ease about needing to seek additional assistance for our son and knew we had chosen correctly. Great tutors, flexible scheduling, amazing leadership, what else is there to say...

FROM: Ginger H.

From a teacher...

Shawn’s progress was very impressive! He was the youngest child in my class, but finished the year in the top 10. I noticed improvement and began to ask his mom if they were working with him extra at home, as a teacher I am an advocate for reinforcement in the home, but she informed me of his enrollment in tutoring with y'all. I even noticed a boost in his confidence. It was just what he needed to assure him of his knowledge and made him even more attentive in class


Under their wings...

I am so thankful for Huntington. My daughter was very behind in school with difficulty in comprehension. Huntington took her under their wings and showed support and encouragement and gave her the confidence she needed to grow. Huntington was very flexible with my schedule. I will not hesitate to call them again for any help!

FROM: Sandy T.

Anthony's SAT Improvement!

Leah – wanted to send a huge thank you to you and the team at Huntington for helping Anthony achieve a 1320 on his recent SAT. When we came to you he had just scored an 1190 and we were looking for a minimum of 1210. You set your goal at 1250. His reading went from 630 to 730 and math 560 to 590! I also appreciated how you reached out when you heard the testing center had cancelled the June 4th exam due to weather. It was great to know you were there for us if we needed more tutoring for a ...

FROM: Vivian Porcelli
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