Formula For ACT Success

Huntington built my son's knowledge and confidence so that he was able to attain a 34 on the ACT. First, their preliminary test pinpointed exactly where he needed help on the ACT and SAT subjects. Then they tutored him on his weak areas and strengthened his understanding in all relevant subjects. Finally, they gave him test taking strategies. They have a formula for success.

FROM: Christine Mcavoy

College of Choice and a Scholarship!

I want to thank Christiane Brown and all of the tutors and staff at the Huntington Learning Center for the great work they did in helping my son raise his ACT score. Their strategies and the program really work! He increased his ACT composite score by 5 points, got into the college he wanted, and received a scholarship as well! I would strongly recommend Huntington to any students who are seeking to raise their ACT or SAT scores.

FROM: Gretchen Heidi

Another ACT Win

" My thanks to Huntington! My daughter Brenna was very excited that her ACT scores went up! Thanks so much for your tutoring!" Daisy P.

FROM: Daisy Pyatt

Impressive ACT Tutors

We are extremely pleased with the Huntington ACT prep tutoring program my daughter attended in Reno. When we signed up less then 2 months before the last ACT testing, we were very skeptical of how in such a short time the sessions would really help her score. My daughter found the prep sessions very useful and productive and really liked her tutors. She was so impressed with the quality of the tutors that she now schedules tutoring sessions for tutoring sessions for her AP classes at school....

FROM: Christelle Redden

ACT Score Improvement Opens Doors To The Future

My child attended Huntington Learner Center and thrived in the learning environment offered within the facility. He scored a 25 on the ACT at the beginning of his time at Huntington and ended with a score of 31. The doors to his future are wide open and we have Huntington to thank.

FROM: J. Lockard

Math Was My Hardest Class

Math was by far my hardest class and now it's my very best class! I never thought that I'd actually have an "A" in math. Finally, I truly understand it - my teachers at Huntington have all been so great!

FROM: Rylee Santos, Carson High School

Rylee's Math Grade Improved Dramatically

Huntington has been Fantastic! You helped Rylee so much with her math. She had 3 math tutors before Huntington and it never got any better - now she has gone from a D to an A! Having her here at Huntington is the BEST MONEY we have ever spent!

FROM: Ron Santos, Firefighter, Reno

Huntington Helped Me Prepare For The SAT

Malcolm said "Huntington was so helpful throughout my preparation for the SAT. The tutors are incredibly kind and patient and really make a point of getting to know you and what you are like. Anyone who needs help , whether it be in school or standarized testing, should go to Huntington." THANK YOU!!

FROM: Harriet P.
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