Online High School Subject Tutoring

School had been a very unpleasant experience for our son. Jennifer, Nicole and Carrie changed that. Our son now loves learning! His confidence is wonderful to see. He feels his success and that brings us all much happiness. They are professional and committed. What they do works. THANK YOU!!!!!

FROM: Three Little Birds

ACT score improvement of 6 points!

We invested in a large block of tutoring hours for the ACT. It seems expensive at first, but we just received our son's score and he improved 6 points. He will be accepted to his dream school and get financial merit from several others. What we spent is chump change compared to how much merit money he will receive from the colleges he is interested in attending. The money invested at Huntington will be returned in the tuition decrease. Braces cost $5,000 and all you get is a nice smile. Wil...

FROM: Charla Cooper

Second Grader's Happy Dad

Worked with my son on reading to prepare him for second grade. He really likes going to Huntington.

FROM: Christ Freund

Thank You, Huntington...The Douglas Family

Well, I first heard about Huntington, I heard the advertisement on T.V.. It stuck my interest and I told my husband about it. The theme, "Your child can learn" and I always want my kid to get a positive attitude towards education and early intervention for learning that will go a long ways. Saira's [first grade] reading ability, she has gained confidence and now she likes reading. When she starts the second grade there is no doubt in my mind she will be ready. I would like to thank the staff at...

FROM: Francis Bowser

National Merit Scholar from East Boise

Huntington is a great place to go for even the most confident test takers. The tutors there are always so willing to help, and always find ways to improve your score no matter how prepared you already feel! Highly recommend Huntington for those planning to take the ACT and SAT

FROM: Iron Hide

Second Grader Reading Improvement

My grandson's improvement was impressive. He likes his tutor and is happy to go for his tutoring sessions. The tutors and staff are pleasant, caring and very helpful.

FROM: Sharon Freund

Happy Learning Center turned Subject Tutor Student in East Boise

Huntington has been a wonderful experience for my son. i was quite pleased with the evaluation process. Huntington assesses each student to determine their current level of functioning in the desired subject. The information obtained is used to re-teach the student when necessary and to see where they still need help. The tutors were able to adapt their teaching methods to my son's needs and abilities. Just as important was that the tutors used a spiral approach to teaching that I felt as a...

FROM: Alex Desai

Successful Math Subject Tutoring Student

Huntington did a great job in assessing my daughter's needs. Jennifer always has a positive attitude and has been excellent in communicating with my daughter and I. My daughter's math scores and her confidence have gone up!

FROM: Danielle Krawl
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