500 point SAT improvement

Exam prep

So very impressed by Ashburn Huntington Learning Center. I referred a bright and aspiring student there. Doug, Whitney and the fantastic tutors at Huntington added 110 points to his already high math score, as well as 290 to his writing, and 100 to his reading. My client actually looked forward to going because the tutors are so good & so nice. I highly recommend Huntington if you are looking for SAT prep that really makes a difference. 500 points!!! --Liz Schnelzer LCSW, Therapist & Educational Consultant

FROM: Liz Schelzer

A.S ACT EP Testimonial - 2013/09

Exam prep

I believe that the teachers are the greatest asset of the program. They are very interactive and strive to see the students succeed. They push you to do your work and study. When I would have a question, they would explain how o get to the answer and went beyond the booklets and used some of their own resources to help me study.

FROM: A.S ACT EP Testimonial

K.P SAT Testimonial-2008/10

Exam prep

I came in with around a 1700 and am leaving with a 2100. The teachers were really helpful and I have learned very much. It is a great program and I would definitely recommend it to all who want to improve their scores.

FROM: K.P SAT Testimonial-10/2008

E.S- ACT Exam Prep Testimonial - 2013/12

Exam prep

I enjoyed coming for the ACT prep. It helped me a lot and boosted my confidence. The teachers were great, each one of them helped a lot. Overall it was a good experience.

FROM: E.S- ACT Exam Prep Testimonial - 2013/12

A.T ACT EP Testimonial - 2013/11

Exam prep

Dear Huntington,

FROM: A.T ACT EP Testimonial - 2013/11

H.C ACT EP Testimonial - 2014/01

Exam prep

The Huntington ACT program was extremely helpful for I learned about all the different types of questions on the ACT and also how the test is put together. Knowing the test all the way out makes me feel very comfortable and prepared for the real ACT. Overall the program was very beneficial to me.

FROM: H.C ACT EP Testimonial - 2014/01

G. ACT 28 Hr EP Testimonial - 2014/09

Exam prep

Although I only did the 28 Hour program, I know i benefited from it. Most of the instructors were excellent. I was able to practice new material and be refreshed on old materials. Throughout the program I could tell I was getting smarter and truly getting the hang of what needed to be done to score well on the ACT. Overall, the program was very beneficial.

FROM: G. ACT EP Testimonial - 2014/09

M.C 10 Hr SAT Math EP Testimonial - 2014/08

Exam prep

I appreciate the individualized tutoring I found at Huntington. I liked that I had flexibility in scheduling my lessons, the usual silence of the center and the specification of the homework my tutors gave, I wish the tutor had asked me about skills I hoped to improve and followed through by dedicating tutoring time time for the skill. However my experience was extremely helpful in making me more comfortable and adept at math for the SAT and beyond.

FROM: M.C. 10 Hr SAT Math EP Testimonial - 2014/08
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