Kyla's 7 point increase

Just wanted to send a note of appreciation to thank you for all your time and dedication to help students succeed and reach their goals. Kyla was able to increase her ACT score by seven points and was accepted to every college she applied to -- what a boost to her self confidence. Thank you for caring and making a difference in Kyla's life.

FROM: Holly and Scott


Thank you for all you have done to help Paige succeed this year. Huntington has helped her with her grades and confidence and we appreciate all you have done.

FROM: Stephanie

240 Point SAT Increase

Kurt & Staff, I wanted you to know that Deanna took the June SAT and achieved a score of 1420! That's a 240 point increase from her first test, what a great result. If you ever are in need of a reference, please let me and my husband know. Deanna's results are really impressive and we're so pleased with the quality of the tutoring. Thanks again.

FROM: Linda

Graham improved his ACT score from 27 to 32.

Thank you for the excellent ACT preparation that Huntington provided Graham. At Huntington he learned how to think about the test, how to organize his test-taking approach, and how to improve his test-taking skills and speed. The tutors found ways to connect with him and motivate him to invest himself in the program and to do his best. They built on his strengths, and identified his weaknesses and then improved his skills in those areas. We recommend Huntington to any student who wants to...

FROM: Philip H.

$10,000 Annual Scholarship!

Exam prep

Offered and accepted 10K annual from Ball State...also offers from Iowa, Georgia, and DePaul. We couldn't have done it without Huntington Learning Center's amazing staff and outstanding program.

FROM: Karen Harris

Life long techniques

Exam prep

Amber has been taught many new techniques and processes that she can use throughout her entire life which is great. Thank you Huntington for all your efforts, we feel it was very beneficial.


SAT Student - Edgmont

Exam prep

My overall experience here at Huntington was good. I was taught many things about how to prepare, write, and analyze the SAT as a whole. I've felt welcomed and enjoyed my time there. It has been very helpful and I know I will benefit from this extra help.

FROM: Zach

Better Student - Newtown Square

Academic skills

Huntington improved my school work, my organization skills, and the way I study. The entire staff, or at least the ones I knew, were always helpful and nice beyond belief. My time there I pushed through and felt a sense of accomplishment. I truly appreciate all the time and effort they put into help me become a better student.

FROM: Jason
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