Success in helping students get into AOS

Exam prep

I attended your Huntington sessions in mid October to study for the PSAT in order to get into AOS. I made it! Thank you so much for your help in raising my PSAT scores. I will never forget what a great impact you made in my life.

FROM: Daniel E.

SAT thanks!

Exam prep

Hey Dave,


Reading and Math

Academic skills

My son always struggled in math and reading. He was in the 5th grade and he had always placed below average on reading tests. He was also bringing home low grades on tests. We finally decided to enroll him in the Huntington Learning Center in Oswego. The best thing we have ever done. He is now reading at grade level and he is getting an A in math. All of his tests scores are in the 90's. We couldn't be happier with our decision to send him to HLC. We are considering sending over the summer just to keep his mind active!

FROM: Kellie

Success after Huntington

Academic skills

During teacher appreciation week at a local school I received an email from a thankful teacher who had a great testimonial about Huntington. Priscilla informed me "I actually attended Huntington myself, and it REALLY helped me out. I don’t know if I would be a math teacher today without it". Wow, what a great testimony. Huntington can really help students become successful adults. Call us today to beginning helping your student.

FROM: Priscilla (posted by HLC-Tulsa)

Test Taking Skills

Exam prep

I highly recommend the services of Huntington Learning Center. My son has difficulty in test taking and after two attempts received a poor overall average on his SAT. He was discouraged after being declined from a few colleges that he applied to. We booked an appointment with Huntington Learning Center because it was recommended to us by several families over the years. After a consultation, we decided with the help of HLC that our son was better suited to taking the ACT. Scheduling was never an issue and my son learned better test taking skills along with concentrated tutoring in his subjects of weakness. My son took the ACT with confidence and his grade was good enough for him to be accepted to four colleges. He was in a position to select the college of his choice. We are so appreciative of the professional staff and the guidance that we received. Our only regret is that we didn't start earlier with tutoring from Huntington Learning Center.

FROM: M. Mullers

For anyone considering enrolling their child in Huntington Learning Center of Lakeland

Academic skills

This is for anyone who is considering enrolling their child(ren) in Huntington Learning Center of Lakeland...

FROM: Proudest mommy ever of a future first grader

2170 on the SAT

Exam prep

Hi Jessica,

FROM: Jon Cristinziano

Writing to Success

Subject tutoring

When I first came to Huntington, I was a little skeptical of the amount that I would improve in my writing. I was interested to see what skills I would need to become a better writer.

FROM: Noah P.
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