Success with Huntington

My daughter needed assistance with her high school work and after testing her and recommending a plan they diligently followed through. We had meetings every few weeks to make sure that everything was on track and I got to see my daughter blossom. Thank you all so much!

FROM: Leni Puccio

We couldn't be happier with everyone at Huntington!

We couldn't be happier with everyone at Huntington! My daughter started her program a few months ago and has thrived! She was able to end the school year on a high note, her confidence has skyrocketed and she's shown huge growth throughout the summer. If you ask her about her time with Huntington she'll tell you she loves it... this coming from a girl who's struggled thru school since day 1! Directors Mary Linda and Jennifer have been with us every step of the way answering all of our...

FROM: April McKenzie

Making better grades.

My son is making MUCH better grades! He enjoys going to tutoring, actually looks forward to it. His confidence is growing. The staff is friendly and very helpful.

FROM: Lucy M.

We're Thrilled!

We just received our son's HSPT scores and we're thrilled to say that he did very well! A special thanks to you and your staff. We are very pleased with his results.

FROM: Ruby

ACT Program Helped My Son

I wanted to thank you for helping to prepare my son for the ACT. He just found out that he was accepted into his dream school. We went to visit last weekend and it's the perfect fit for him. He is thrilled and your ACT course got him academically ready. Thank you. It was truly a turning point in his life.

FROM: Kathy

11 point ACT score increase

For the past 32 hours, I have been coming to Huntington with nothing but a smile on my face. Why a smile to do school work? Well maybe it is because everyone who works here is so nice and welcoming, or maybe it's because everyone here helped me with my ACT studies to improve my score to 11 points. That should say enough about this place. I highly recommend Huntington for any student who wants an outstanding ACT scores.

FROM: Julian G

Reading grades up one full grade, Math score improved, Confidence soared

Our son began having difficulty in his math and reading classes this year. At first we thought it was due to starting a new year and adjusting to the 8th grade curriculum. We had tried a number of alternatives that just didn't work and quite frankly set our son back in his pursuit of better grades. Since attending Huntington, our son's reading comprehension grades have increased one full grade, his math scores are showing improvement and his confidence has soared. Thank you to the Director and...

FROM: T.L, Martinez, CA

My grandson was released from his IEP

I cannot say enough good things about Huntington Learning Center. My grandson has been going there for over 4 years. He had fallen so far behind in Kindergarten and 1st grade and had an IEP. After starting Hungtington (he had been going to Sylvan) we immediately saw improvement. He is now in 4th grade and doing so well. He has self esteem and is proud of his accomplishments. Homework is no longer a battle and tests in school are not a dreaded event. He was released from his IEP last year...

FROM: K.A - Pinole,CA
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