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The January scores are in, and the results are fantastic!

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Admission to the Harker School!

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I am a parent of a child who went to the Bollinger Huntington in Cupertino. I took evaluation from 2 other competing centers before deciding on this one. I am extremely happy with my choice; here is why:

FROM: Sarah M.

Fabulous results!!!

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My heart feel through the floor when I saw my sons first ISAT reports from 3rd grade. The day before in the mail I had received a card from Huntington,it was like a sign. We had him tested the next Saturday and received his results. Again, my heart sank. That was 4 months ago, my son is now getting straight A's in math and his reading and reading comprehension are up to grade level. His confidence is soaring and he is very proud of himself! Huntington has been a God send for my son and our family.

FROM: Rae Ann Metz

K.E Testimonial - 2006/04

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FROM: K. E Testimonial - 04/12/2006

M.T - Testimonial - 2007/12

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To whom it may concern.

FROM: Testimonial - MT - 2007/12

C.H - Testimonial - 2007/12

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This is a letter of recommendation for the Huntington Learning Center located on the corner of Champlain and Perrin in Fresno, California. My eleven-year-old son attended Huntington from July 2006-December 2007. A bright boy who did his homework, but struggled to achieve his potential in fourth grade, his grades declining slightly with each quarter.

FROM: Peter

B.M - Testimonial - 2007/02

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Dear Jay,

FROM: Testimonial - GM - 2007-02

M.G - Testimonial -2007/02

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Dear Paul,

FROM: M.G - Testimonial
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