Dramatic Score Increase

I am delighted with the services Huntington provided to my son to help him prep for the ACT last year. Huntington evaluated his strengths and weaknesses and developed a review-plan that focused on honing his skills in the areas that needed the most work. Because of this plan, my son brought his overall score up dramatically. In addition to the boost in score, my son learned the mechanics of how to study, as well as seeing firsthand the direct benefit of a systematic program of study over a...

FROM: C B. Fremont, NE

Our son was accepted in his target private school!

"We are thankful that we found Huntington Learning Center (HLC) to help our son prepare for the SSAT exam. The study curriculum was specifically designed for our son, and HLC provided a good learning environment and skilled teachers. He improved his scores in all three sections of the exam by 10-15%. We were very pleased when he achieved the same success on the actual SSAT exam. The Admissions Director told us that our son demonstrated very good test taking skills. We highly recommend the HLC...

FROM: With Gratitude, Dan & Chloe - May 2016

Confidence improved...

Huntington really helped my child to improve his reading and excel in his school work. We saw a drastic improvement in his overall work. Thank you for everything you did to make him have more confidence and improve so much!

FROM: Scott S.

A bargain compared to other programs...

They zero in on exactly what each student needs and deliver only what is needed to ensure success. Forget other tutoring or test prep centers. We've used them 3 times for 2 kids. They boosted one of their ACT score 6 points! They are helping another achieve a 34 by excellent screening of exactly which type of questions need focus. They are so much better than ACT or SAT classes or online programs. A specific program for your specific needs. The cost is so reasonable and a true bargain...


5 Point Increase!

My son was struggling to improve his Reading and English scores on the ACT test. After his first tutoring/test prep session, he said he learned more in that hour than all of grade school. Although he was exaggerating, after he completed the program, his ACT Reading score went up 5 points, from a 27 to a 32, and his English Score went up 6 points, from a 25 to a 31! At first, I thought the price for the program was high, but not after seeing the results. Kudos to the staff as we had to sit...

FROM: Paula R.

His First Time Scoring On Level

My son was really behind in reading. I had tried everything – extra help at school, private tutors, doctors - and nothing worked. He just continued to struggle. Thank goodness a specialist at school told me about Huntington. I’ve seen a big difference in his confidence and school work. This is the first year that he has scored ‘on level’ and his new school stated that he has a good foundation of skills. I know this is only because of Huntington. I plan on keeping my son here forever...

FROM: Saeba F.

Amir Gained the Confidence to Do Well in School

We would like to give a heartfelt and personal thank you to Natalie McDonald, Director and the whole staff of the Huntington Learning Center for everything that they were able to do for our nephew, Amir. It is amazing at how far he has come in the past year and a half. They took the time to listen, guide and help him in so many ways. We truly appreciate everything that was done his behalf. Amir was once shy, timid and thought that he couldn't learn; today he stands tall, self- assured,...

FROM: Arlene and Arthur

Not only did Mckenna pass the FCAT but he got into college too!

I just wanted to thank the staff at Huntington for the learning experience that McKenna received. They worked with my son in the areas that he needed for the FCAT and ACT testing. He showed a remarkable increase, enough to not only pass the FCAT but he was accepted for college. Thanks so much, without the hard working and caring staff at Huntington, my son would not be on the right path for success.

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