SAT Student - Edgmont

Exam prep

My overall experience here at Huntington was good. I was taught many things about how to prepare, write, and analyze the SAT as a whole. I've felt welcomed and enjoyed my time there. It has been very helpful and I know I will benefit from this extra help.

FROM: Zach

Better Student - Newtown Square

Academic skills

Huntington improved my school work, my organization skills, and the way I study. The entire staff, or at least the ones I knew, were always helpful and nice beyond belief. My time there I pushed through and felt a sense of accomplishment. I truly appreciate all the time and effort they put into help me become a better student.

FROM: Jason

Honor Roll

Academic skills

Huntington helped me a lot. For eighth grade I got honors all marking period, so far. I have only made it once before. I feel without Huntington, I couldn't have had honors this year.

FROM: Liam

HLC - Edgmont

Academic skills

I have learned so many things at Huntington! I really want to learn more! Huntington has answered all my problems in school. I have inspired relatives to go to Huntington.

FROM: Michael

Honor Roll - Twice

Academic skills

My experience at Huntington in Edgmont has helped me a lot. My first quarter in school I started failing math. I was getting really bad grades on tests. But I for those grades up with Huntington. With Huntington I made honor roll twice in my first year of middle school.

FROM: MaryCate

Thankful for the team

Academic skills

I wanted to express how deeply grateful we are for the wonderful experience we has at the Edgmont center. The level of professionalism integrated with age appropriate humor was such a help for each of my four children. They looked forward to their sessions and were actually sad when our time came to a close. They did a great job making the learning process fun. The teachers excel at finding the 'motivation' button for each of my children and honed in and did a great job helping my children want to participate in the process. I am bringing my granddaughter to Huntington because I have seen the results of the investment in my children. I am thankful for the team that you have brought together and thankful for your investment in the lives of my children.

FROM: Joanne


Academic skills

Thank you for all your great work with my son! He has learned and progressed so much in a short time. And most importantly his confidence in himself as a student has soared!! He truly enjoys learning now. All the teachers have been amazing - so patient caring and professional.

FROM: Alek

Wish I started sooner

Academic skills

When I first had to come to Huntington in Newtown Square, to be honest I wasn't happy. But as I started and I could tell that coming here was actually helping and effecting my school work noticably. Everyone there is very nice and helpful and actually make it easier for me to understand math that I couldn't understand after having to take Algebra twice. I wish I started coming to Huntington sooner so my grades would have been better. I am glad my mom had signed me up.

FROM: Jesse
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