My Huntington Experience

"My Huntington Experience is definitely one I will appreciate and remember forever. I came to this center as a shy perfectionist. I now know that it is OK and sometimes good to make mistakes. The teachers here are amazing! They understand the needs of each student. When I have wrong answers, they will go over each and every one with me. The environment at Huntington is great. I am greeted every time I come in, and they always ask for ways they can help me. I feel like I can be my true self here...

FROM: Gina

They've helped me with this test and even with my classes!

"The skills I've learned here have been really helpful. They've helped me with this test and even with my classes! Bryana

FROM: Bryana Handcock

I qualified for my scholarships because of Huntington

"I worked really hard, did everything my teachers told me to, and I raised my ACT score enough to qualify for the scholarships I needed." -Bradley B.

FROM: Bradley Brown

I learned how to beat the test!

“I learned how to beat the test and better manage my time. Huntington gave me the test taking skills I needed to raise my ACT score by 5 points.” -John E.

FROM: John Enlow

The tutors helped realize my strengths and taught me how to overcome my weaknesses as well!

"The tutors helped realize my strengths and taught me how to overcome my weaknesses as well. When I finally took the test, I used the tricks and strategies they taught me, which helped me raise my score from a 25 to a 30!" —Georgia G.

FROM: Georgia Gillenwater

ACT Scores Rise!

“Just a note to thank you for the help you gave Megan this past summer. Megan took her second ACT with outstanding results. She improved in all areas, but most importantly +4 in math and +7 in her science scores. She had a +4 point improvement on her composite (28 to a 32). This qualified her for extra money in scholarship money from one of the colleges she’s applied for. Thanks again for all of your help!”

FROM: Marianne F.

ACT Score Improvement

“I got my scores back for the February ACT, and I just wanted to thank you for tutoring me and providing me with so much practice for the test! I got a 34 composite and a 30 on writing. My sub scores were 35 English, 31 math, 36 reading, and 34 science. I took a few more practice tests during the week before the ACT and the math and reading scores I got on the real one were a bit unusual for me, but it came out to a 34. Thanks again for helping me and providing me with all the practice tests...

FROM: Andrew W

Increased Confidence and Grades!

“I just want to thank you for all your help with Matthew. Your initial assessment indicated that Matthew needed much work in various areas of studies. Since completing your program, we have seen not only a significant increase in Matthew’s confidence but also his grades and study habits. The Huntington program has also prepared Matthew to take standardized and college admission exams such as the ACT and the ACT. I highly recommend the Huntington Learning program for anyone wanting to improv...

FROM: Barb S
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