Loyal Parent of Eight Years

I believe that education is a life-long process (definitely not a sprint!) and the foundation during the elementary and middle schools will manifest into success in high school, college and beyond. My two sons have always done well (one with all A's and the other with all A's and one B this past year) in school but they are not the best of standardized test takers. Huntington is the perfect place for them to work on their weaker areas. They are on a 'maintenance' program (2 hours a week for...


Our 4th grader moved from the lowest math group to the highest.

Our 4th grader just completed the math program here and we are beyond happy with how it went. She was doing fine in school, but needed help becoming more efficient because things were taking so long. She's gained so much. Her homework takes a fraction of the time it used to and she's gained confidence. She jumped from the lowest math group to the highest and even helps her classmates when they get stuck! We are so happy we came to Huntington!

FROM: Rina F

My Daughter Improved Her ACT Score By 7 Points.

My daughter is preparing for college entrance exams and the program at Huntington raised her initial score from a 21 to a 28! We are so pleased with the program, the staff and the confidence she now has with taking tests. She will take the test again next month and will take a few more refresher courses at Huntington before to see if we can get that score even higher! Great program for any student!

FROM: Natalie P

ACT Prep Success!

I wrote a letter to you before Rachel took the April ACT because I wanted you to know how pleased we were with Huntington's services even if Rachel did not greatly improve her score. I was worried with the cost at the beginning but the staff exceeded our expectations. The ending to the story...... Rachel went up 6 points on her ACT and scored a 29. She said she could have never gotten a 29 without Huntington. Needless to say, we are beyond happy. Thank you again for your services...

FROM: The Mihalic Family

Devin raised her ACT score 6 composite points!

We can't thank you enough for all you have done for Devin. She set a very high goal for herself for an ACT score, and with your help, she achieved it! Not only did you help her improve her ACT score by an amazing 6 points, you taught her test taking strategies that have helped her on her other tests and will continue to serve her well in college. More importantly, your genuine concern for her boosted her self confidence and helped her feel calm and prepared for her school exams. We would...

FROM: Heather F

I learned more at Huntington than I did my entire year of school!

My senior year was an extremely large, very extensive learning experience for me. Strangely enough, about 5% of this learning occurred at school, and I can honestly say that I learned more at Huntington than I did my entire year of school! Pretty weird, right? My experience here was a collaboration between the student working to further their own abilities while being backed and supported by personal tutors that doubled as friends, and it seemed to have worked quite well. Keep up the good...

FROM: Lukas

Success with Huntington

My daughter needed assistance with her high school work and after testing her and recommending a plan they diligently followed through. We had meetings every few weeks to make sure that everything was on track and I got to see my daughter blossom. Thank you all so much!

FROM: Leni Puccio

We couldn't be happier with everyone at Huntington!

We couldn't be happier with everyone at Huntington! My daughter started her program a few months ago and has thrived! She was able to end the school year on a high note, her confidence has skyrocketed and she's shown huge growth throughout the summer. If you ask her about her time with Huntington she'll tell you she loves it... this coming from a girl who's struggled thru school since day 1! Directors Mary Linda and Jennifer have been with us every step of the way answering all of our...

FROM: April McKenzie
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