300-point improvement on SAT!

Our daughter had a great experience at Huntington. Her test scores went up over 300 points for SAT. Now her peers are envious of her amazing scores. Worth every penny.

FROM: Emily Malterre

33 super score on ACT!

The Huntington Learning Center that I attended helped me earn a 32 on the ACT (33 superscore!). I started out with a reasonable score, and through the flexible learning system I was put into, I can confidently say that the Huntington Learning center caused the majority of my improvement. More specifically, the tutors Roy and Dylan were my catalysts of knowledge. Roy was right by my side the whole way. Whenever I needed help—even with questions that I thought would sound stupid—he took the...

FROM: Bobbie Bullock

Cal Poly, here we come!

Worth every single dime. I don’t know that there is a better investment for ACT prep than the program at Huntington East. We did our diligence, had many people tell us about how great the East team and program was and couldn't be more happy with them. I have had two students there and just yesterday my son’s score went from a 27 when he started there and increased by 6 points on his 2nd testing. It's a simple equation, calculate the value of each point increase from the program and it...

FROM: Paul Clarke

National Merit Scholar from East Boise

As a student it was really difficult feeling like my dream test scores were unobtainable. The tutors and people in Huntington made me realize those scores were entirely realistic, and they identified and resolved my weaknesses like no one else has ever done. I always felt welcomed and respected, and I am so fortunate to have met the amazing people that I did. I will recommend Huntington to anybody who wants an improvement, big or small, in their test scores!

FROM: Diana Lu

ACT score of 33!

Jennifer, Nicole, and the entire team of tutors at the Huntington Learning Center (East Boise) were wonderful to work with. Thru their program, our son was able to not only enhance his knowledge of the subjects tested, but was also taught how to approach the actual “taking of the test” for maximum results. HLC’s program enabled him to improve his overall score by 6 points (27 to a 33) and by 10 points (25 to a 35) in one category alone! The cost was worth every penny just to see the...

FROM: TRB Management

Online High School Subject Tutoring

School had been a very unpleasant experience for our son. Jennifer, Nicole and Carrie changed that. Our son now loves learning! His confidence is wonderful to see. He feels his success and that brings us all much happiness. They are professional and committed. What they do works. THANK YOU!!!!!

FROM: Three Little Birds

ACT score improvement of 6 points!

We invested in a large block of tutoring hours for the ACT. It seems expensive at first, but we just received our son's score and he improved 6 points. He will be accepted to his dream school and get financial merit from several others. What we spent is chump change compared to how much merit money he will receive from the colleges he is interested in attending. The money invested at Huntington will be returned in the tuition decrease. Braces cost $5,000 and all you get is a nice smile. Wil...

FROM: Charla Cooper

Second Grader's Happy Dad

Worked with my son on reading to prepare him for second grade. He really likes going to Huntington.

FROM: Christ Freund
90 of 121

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