11 point ACT score increase

For the past 32 hours, I have been coming to Huntington with nothing but a smile on my face. Why a smile to do school work? Well maybe it is because everyone who works here is so nice and welcoming, or maybe it's because everyone here helped me with my ACT studies to improve my score to 11 points. That should say enough about this place. I highly recommend Huntington for any student who wants an outstanding ACT scores.

FROM: Julian G

Reading grades up one full grade, Math score improved, Confidence soared

Our son began having difficulty in his math and reading classes this year. At first we thought it was due to starting a new year and adjusting to the 8th grade curriculum. We had tried a number of alternatives that just didn't work and quite frankly set our son back in his pursuit of better grades. Since attending Huntington, our son's reading comprehension grades have increased one full grade, his math scores are showing improvement and his confidence has soared. Thank you to the Director and...

FROM: T.L, Martinez, CA

My grandson was released from his IEP

I cannot say enough good things about Huntington Learning Center. My grandson has been going there for over 4 years. He had fallen so far behind in Kindergarten and 1st grade and had an IEP. After starting Hungtington (he had been going to Sylvan) we immediately saw improvement. He is now in 4th grade and doing so well. He has self esteem and is proud of his accomplishments. Homework is no longer a battle and tests in school are not a dreaded event. He was released from his IEP last year...

FROM: K.A - Pinole,CA

DW Has Become "One of the Stronger Readers in the Class!"

DW came to Huntington over the summer to get prepared for the next grade. He was behind and had low self-confidence. When school started again, the teacher called him "one of the stronger readers in the class!" He now says that he feels smart.


Ben Improved His ACT Score By 7 Points!

After improving his score significantly, Ben was accepted to the University of Missouri!


Exam Prep Help

I highly recommend the Huntington Learning Center. My daughter took an ACT test and needed to bring her score up because getting into the college of her choice was very important to her based on her specific area of studies. They helped to bring her score up by 5 points. They also gave her the confidence with her test taking skills which was huge. Sure enough she got into her college of choice and could not be happier. She worked really hard with the center and it definitely paid off. The...

FROM: Lisa Alonso

Huntington is our life line

Sadie, Janice and Huntington Learning Bryan & I came to your center over 3 years ago. Riley was a 1st grader and couldn't read or write and was faking his way through. We as parents were so sad and scared about this but through your center Riley is now an above average reader and learner. When he started he couldn't even test. Now he is testing out at a 6th grade level & he is currently a 4th grader. It was your patience, dedication and one-on-one that got Riley to where he is today....

FROM: Loving Parents of Riley

A Teacher's Endorsement

"As a former teacher myself I know how important it is to keep children involved over the summer break. Katie Hagen and her qualified and caring staff do a great job helping students gain the skills and confidence they need to begin the next new school year on the right foot."

FROM: Judy B
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