Second grader is now a successful reader.

My child was struggling to learn to read in first grade. He worked hard in school and at home, but not making progress. That is when we sought help at Huntington Learning Center. The center director put us at ease when she presented an individualized lesson plan. With personalized attention from dedicated tutors, my child mastered skills he needed to succeed at school. I knew my child could learn. Huntington Learning Center helped restore his confidence by teaching tool he needed to...

FROM: Grace, Proud Mom

"I exceeded!"

OMG, K is sooo happy!! And so are we! Thank you all from the bottom of our Hearts! K's confidence is through the roof now. He keeps saying, 'I exceeded!' That is a first for him. We truly can't thank you enough!

FROM: Kirk, Elisa, & K

Loves our "school"

Thank you for the great job you guys are doing with our little girl. We can definitely see the improvement. She loves going to your school! Thank you!

FROM: Carla

Amanah Started College Strong

I went to Huntington Learning Center, right before my junior year of high school, to take advantage of the PSAT/SAT test prep offered there. Two years later, as someone who is about to embark on her journey through college, I can say with great confidence that the path I am about to take is possible thanks to Huntington! I was named a National Merit Finalist. The tutoring pinpointed both my strengths and weaknesses, and then aimed to hone those strengths, while working hard to make me more...


Paige is a completely different student this year

We first came to Huntington because Paige's confidence in school was low due to struggles with reading comprehension. We wanted to improve these skills over the summer. We saw a change in her after the first session. Paige is a completely different student this year - she is confident, doing well, and enjoying school! Her spelling and vocabulary tests are much better as well as her fluency and reading comprehension. Thank you so much!!


Sierra Improved her ACT score by 6 Points

Sierra improved 6 points on the ACT test from her initial test with Huntington. She went through 26 2-hour sessions that were spread out over many months, including the summer. The teachers were very supportive. and the center was able to keep the teachers consistent. We would like to thank the Huntington in Canton for their help in getting Sierra ready to take the ACT. We have already recommended it to other parents at our school!


Cam Raised his Grades and Made it to Sophomore Year

We were one of the parents where their child hated school, hated homework, and was becoming very depressed. The transition from middle school to high school was very challenging. We enrolled in January. At the time, our son's grades were not good, and he particularly struggled in taking tests--which were becoming a big part of his class grade. Cam ended the semester with: One A, four Bs, and one C. We are ecstatic with Cam's grades, thanks to the hard work you do!

FROM: A. Smith

Nearly doubled her GPA!

I am a student who went to Huntington to get my grades up and help my studying skills for high school. My freshman year I had a 2.0 GPA. Now, in sophomore year, I have 3.75 GPA, thanks to Huntington. The teachers are great, understanding, and fun. The atmosphere is great, everything about it is great and I highly recommend it to parents and students like me. I am definitely coming back for ACT prep. Thank you Huntington! :) I don't know what I would've done without you guys!

FROM: Kylie Mahan
90 of 125

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