Graduation Celebration!

"I just found out today that Eric is graduating. He said he scored a 96 on the final. I wanted to thank you and the other tutors at Huntington. I have no doubt he wouldn't have done this if you and other tutors didn't work so hard with him. Also the encouragement that you have given him. Thank you for everything."

FROM: Sandy F.

Reading Comprehension and Math Increased 4 Grade Levels

I just want to thank you. If you asked Alex, he would tell you he is more "confident" and would "ask questions without hesitation". From a 7th grader with reading and math skills at a 4th grade level to Honor Roll in the 5th six weeks of 8th grade. It may have taken him a year, but it was (and is) worth the time. We are planning for him to return for a refresher once he settles into high school. Again, thank you.

FROM: Gordon T.

12th grader improved his ACT score from 32 to 35 after 26 hours tutoring

I got a 35 composite, 36 english, 34 math, 35 reading, and 33 science! Thank you SO MUCH for your help! I cannot express to you how important our focus on timing was. Science was by far easier than any of my previous 4 tests. Most of the people I talked to had a tough time and I had time left over and thought it was the easiest section.

FROM: Student J --Spring, 2017

10th grader improved his Algebra 2 from not passing to 106% Class Score after Subject Tutoring Program

Student M. got 106% in the class overall, and as a result, he didn't have to take the final! Thanks so much for your help we will be returning customers next year, Have a great summer! -----Spring, 2017



Transformational. That is the word I would use to describe what Huntington has done for our son. Transformed his love for learning and transformed his ability to read. He started at the Huntington Learning Center in Oak Lawn one year ago at age 5. We decided to send him there because we wanted him to be prepared for kindergarten and ahead of the curve, with reading at least. They taught him to read in 6 months! Our son even thinks learning is fun; which is what Linda at Huntington always...

FROM: Nicole D.

Chemistry Grade From an F to a B

A recent high school student called to thank us for helping her raise her "F" in Chemistry to a "B". She knew she came into Huntington very late in the year, but with her 1-1 Chemistry instruction, she was able to grasp concepts she missed earlier in the year. The student raised her grade to a "B" in a very short time period. Congratulations!

FROM: Ridgeview HS student

Hard Work Paid Off!

"I just wanted you to know the outcome after all these years of study with you!! Matthew got into NC State and he is going to study Education. (Engineering just wasn’t in the cards). Peter is going to UNC Charlotte to study business. We’ll try to stop in one day this summer to say hi. THANKS to you and all of your staff. Peter was with you in 4th grade – where did the time go!!"

FROM: Eileen F.

Such a difference in his confidence

Before coming to Huntington Learning Center, every night was a fight over homework with my son Nikolas. I knew that something had to change going into 4th grade. Since Nikolas started Huntington Learning Center, I have seen such a difference in his confidence and skills. Each time he leaves the center, he has a smile on his face and is excited to tell me about what he has learned. We both know that this year will be better. Working with the staff at Huntington Learning Center has already...

FROM: Amie M.
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