Second Grader Reading Improvement

My grandson's improvement was impressive. He likes his tutor and is happy to go for his tutoring sessions. The tutors and staff are pleasant, caring and very helpful.

FROM: Sharon Freund

Happy Learning Center turned Subject Tutor Student in East Boise

Huntington has been a wonderful experience for my son. i was quite pleased with the evaluation process. Huntington assesses each student to determine their current level of functioning in the desired subject. The information obtained is used to re-teach the student when necessary and to see where they still need help. The tutors were able to adapt their teaching methods to my son's needs and abilities. Just as important was that the tutors used a spiral approach to teaching that I felt as a...

FROM: Alex Desai

Successful Math Subject Tutoring Student

Huntington did a great job in assessing my daughter's needs. Jennifer always has a positive attitude and has been excellent in communicating with my daughter and I. My daughter's math scores and her confidence have gone up!

FROM: Danielle Krawl

Immediate Improvement!

"Simply the best school for tutoring. Outstanding teachers. My son Nathan has greatly improved in just a few weeks!"

FROM: David N., Dedham, MA

Student Improved Academic Skills from below grade level to grade level

Huntington has really made a major impact on my daughter and her learning experience. When I first brought my third grader she was approximately a year behind in reading. Despite my efforts, we were not making much head way in her progress. Through her work with Huntington, she has made major progress. Not only is she on level, she is continuing to make improvements to surpass expectations. I've now enrolled my second grader to keep him ahead of the curve. I absolutely love how they are...

FROM: Mrs. T

Two brothers Maintain all A's with Subject Tutoring

My twin fifth grade boys have been going to Huntington for about 6 months. Both were already doing well in school (in spite of some issues) so this isn't going to be one of those "wow, completely changed my life" reviews. They were making A's before and they continue to do so - but not everyone that chooses a tutoring service has failing kids to begin with. So why did we do tutoring at all if they were doing fine....Well, we've been doing something extra since they were little because one...

FROM: Mrs. S.

Loyal Parent of Eight Years

I believe that education is a life-long process (definitely not a sprint!) and the foundation during the elementary and middle schools will manifest into success in high school, college and beyond. My two sons have always done well (one with all A's and the other with all A's and one B this past year) in school but they are not the best of standardized test takers. Huntington is the perfect place for them to work on their weaker areas. They are on a 'maintenance' program (2 hours a week for...


Our 4th grader moved from the lowest math group to the highest.

Our 4th grader just completed the math program here and we are beyond happy with how it went. She was doing fine in school, but needed help becoming more efficient because things were taking so long. She's gained so much. Her homework takes a fraction of the time it used to and she's gained confidence. She jumped from the lowest math group to the highest and even helps her classmates when they get stuck! We are so happy we came to Huntington!

FROM: Rina F
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