Major improvement in reading

"I had a meeting with Lauren's teacher on Tuesday and she said 'I don't know what you did from last year to this year, but it worked!' She is happy and confident and reading well. She reads books with us every night. Keep up the GREAT WORK!"


SAT score increase

"Thank you and your team for teaching Darin the skills to do better on the SAT! He did very well his last time. It was great to have your help!"


Confidence and skill-building

"What Grace is learning with you is giving her the skills she needs to see success in the classroom and build her confidence so she is more willing to take risks. Thank you for all you do."


Thank you note from a student

"This program is really helping me thank you for all the help. Thank you to all the staff at Huntington they are so helpful. I love Huntington!"


8 point ACT increase

"We can't thank you enough. We both thought he would improve some, but to improve 8 points was awesome! He is getting a lot of merit scholarship offers, so we are very happy."


Reghan was accepted to all her boarding schools!

Holli, I wanted to let you know that Reghan was accepted to all the boarding schools she applied to, Lawrenceville, Peddie and Hill! We are very happy with the tutoring she received at Huntington and the improvement she made in her SSAT. Once we saw the results we knew she had at least given herself a chance to be admitted. Please express my thanks to all of her tutors and everyone that we interacted with at the center. We'll stop by and let you know where she will attend once she makes he...

FROM: Sheri

A perfect match!

Our family sincerely thanks you for the dedication, patience, knowledge, encouragement, and celebration you shared with Kevin. You were his partner in math and made a huge difference in his abilities, his confidence, and his grades. You have been a perfect match, and we hope to keep it going!

FROM: Shannon B.

CB Becomes a Reader!

CB came to us as a second grader who struggled with reading, and HATED TO READ. Step by step through HLC Phonics , he learned and became a joyful reader. His note to us reads, “Dear Huntington…Thank you for teaching me Sarah, John, Nancy, Mandy, and Louis. You too, Amy. I really enjoy laughing with you guys and having fun. You change my life by being a better reader and writer. You guys are awesome!”

FROM: Robert Burfeind
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