Nearly doubled her GPA!

I am a student who went to Huntington to get my grades up and help my studying skills for high school. My freshman year I had a 2.0 GPA. Now, in sophomore year, I have 3.75 GPA, thanks to Huntington. The teachers are great, understanding, and fun. The atmosphere is great, everything about it is great and I highly recommend it to parents and students like me. I am definitely coming back for ACT prep. Thank you Huntington! :) I don't know what I would've done without you guys!

FROM: Kylie Mahan

The staff relates to my son

I am so thankful for Huntington Learning Center! My son has struggled in school for so long and now he is starting to make progress and fill in the missing gaps. It is a long process, and it does cost money. However, the reward is so worth it to see my son making progress and trusting Julia and the staff. I am so glad that we found something that works, some one that we can relate too, and people who really car about my child and his education and not just pass him through. Thank you Julia and...

FROM: Christine Henderson

My son's great experience!

Can't say enough positive things about this place. My son has had a great experience here and it had been well worth the money. Julia and the staff have been excellent to work with. They truly care about the kids and help them to be successful.

FROM: Zach Springer

Thank you Huntington Learning Center for helping my daughter enjoy learning!

Mrs. Jackie and Mrs. Ann are outstanding teachers who devoted their all to my daughter. They were able to unlock her frustrations for math while making it fun. They found the root to her inability to decode large words, making it now enjoyable. Now as my daughter reads for school, I will often hear her giggle to herself in response to the book, she is reading, which prior to Huntington Learning Center were tears. Mrs. Jackie and Mrs. Ann are amazing, compassionate, fun, and dedicated all with...

FROM: ~Kelly

Fixing the foundation

My daughter completed 1st grade and was struggling with reading and math at home. I knew if we did not fix these problems now, the foundation to math and reading in 2nd grade would be broken. Throughout the summer, I noticed that reading comprehension was improving, sounding out words and blending word families were smoother. Then one day, she came home and was excited to complete a subtraction problem in her head and have a strategy that made sense.This brought tears to my eyes! Finally,...

FROM: Kelly M.

School is Actually Fun!

When we found Huntington, our son hated school and really fought us about homework and reading. After going through Huntington's evaluation and seeing where Luca was struggling we were able to put a plan together. Luca loved his teachers and started seeing progress pretty quickly and because the help wasn't coming from Mom and Dad we weren't having the same fights at home. Luca is now in High School and is taking Honors classes. Huntington helped Luca find his confidence and gave him the tools...

FROM: Deena D.

Lilly Got into Her Dream School

Thanks to Huntington my daughter was accepted into her dream school! My daughter had super test anxiety and was so nervous about taking the ACT. After going through Huntington's program she felt more than ready and was over the moon when she got her scores back! I would (and have) recommended this program to friends. My younger son will definitely go to Huntington when it is his time to prepare for the ACT!

FROM: Sally J

Jake's dad couldn't believe the environment!

When I walked through the center on my way to the restroom, I couldn't believe my eyes. There were happy, enthusiastic kids throughout the center and dozens of teachers just as enthusiastic. Everyone was working. Everything was organized. Everything looked positive. Conversations about "learning" were taking place everywhere. This is so different from the other learning center we had attended for the past two years. Let's enroll his sister now.

FROM: Mr. Bell
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