Excellent with children

They truly care about your child's success. I highly recommend their services.

FROM: Tammy Kline

Overcoming Obstacles

Jennifer is great. As a blind student I knew I was limited with my options. Jennifer found a way to teach me Algebra and did not let my handicap hinder my learning ability.

FROM: Scott Berry

Huntington Proved to be the Best!

"My 13 year old son had struggled in school and we searched for a program that would be able to help him. After searching for a suitable program, Huntington proved to be the best. Since starting four months ago, he has improved tremendously. The gaps he had from his previous school years have been fixed. We are very happy with my son's improvements. The staff at Huntington are very professional."

FROM: Hector S., Norwood, MA

Very Satisfied

We are extremely happy with the results from HLC and will definitely use them again!!

FROM: Heather Desatoff

Excellent service

Huntington was great and provided much needed help with our daughter's academic challenges.

FROM: Deb Speer

Great personal service

We had a wonderful experience at Huntington in Billings, Montana. The staff was so personable and good to our family and they helped our son In ways we couldn't. He became more organized, and the one-on-one gave him confidence in his abilities. We recommend Huntington for every type of student and learning situation. Thank you always Huntington! Greg and Dee Dee Hilton

FROM: Greg and Dee Dee Hilton

Amazing ACT Scores

My son had originally scored a 26 on his ACT test at school. After he spent time working with Huntington Learning Center he scored a 33 on the National ACT test which, along with his GPA, allowed him to qualify for scholarships that he would not have gotten. He is also enrolled in Honors College at MSU for next year.

FROM: Dana Shy

Major improvement in reading

"I had a meeting with Lauren's teacher on Tuesday and she said 'I don't know what you did from last year to this year, but it worked!' She is happy and confident and reading well. She reads books with us every night. Keep up the GREAT WORK!"

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