Middle School motivation

The staff at Huntington have far exceeded my expectations. Not only from the tutoring side but also from the value they have delivered to my son. The management at the Issaquah Learning Center has been stellar. They have been flexible with a coordinating sessions... There is a solid team of tutors that my son has worked with and has built a relationship with. They are both supportive but know how to stretch my son at the same time. The entire team at the Issaquah center is dedicated to...

FROM: Matt C.

Kindergarten was a struggle

Half way through Kindergarten, we could see Simon was struggling... My child was unhappy.He didn't like to read, practice writing, and forget it with math... We found Huntington. It was everything we wanted and more. We noticed a huge transformation in Simon. He was confident, easily motivated, [and] eager to learn. And we have Huntington to thank for that.

FROM: Heather J.

Learning Center students improve their self confidence

We saw a noticeable improvement in both grades and self confidence in our daughter. Would definitely recommend.

FROM: Google user

Learning Center student catches up!

Our daughter missed over a year of school due to an illness and we were very happy with her reading and math success at Huntington Bown Crossing location. She enjoyed the reading selections and the one- on- one tutoring. She really liked the teachers and had fun learning. She is now back in school. We are happy to recommend Huntington. Beth

FROM: Beth E

ACT prep for siblings a success

We ran 2 kids through the ACT program and had very good results. We would definitely do it again

FROM: Stephen Taylor

9-point improvement on ACT

Huntington helped me beyond anyone ever could. They taught me new things and refreshed old. I knew the test inside and out. I improved my ACT score by 9 points. It was definitely worth the efforts!

FROM: Zinnia Barnes

300-point improvement on SAT!

Our daughter had a great experience at Huntington. Her test scores went up over 300 points for SAT. Now her peers are envious of her amazing scores. Worth every penny.

FROM: Emily Malterre

33 super score on ACT!

The Huntington Learning Center that I attended helped me earn a 32 on the ACT (33 superscore!). I started out with a reasonable score, and through the flexible learning system I was put into, I can confidently say that the Huntington Learning center caused the majority of my improvement. More specifically, the tutors Roy and Dylan were my catalysts of knowledge. Roy was right by my side the whole way. Whenever I needed help—even with questions that I thought would sound stupid—he took the...

FROM: Bobbie Bullock
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