Without Huntington my son would not have graduated from high school

My son would not have graduated from high school had it not been for the support of Huntington Learning Center. He was failing in all subjects in the middle of 10th grade, but passed 10th and 11th grade classes with all B's. He is now in his senior year and planning on attending college. His grade point average has improved and his study habits have dramatically changed for the better.

FROM: Alex C.

Helped me pass my 5th grade ELA class

Huntington helped Jaelyn pass her 5th grade English/Language Arts class. She now excels in ELA and loves school. Jaelyn also improved her math skills thanks to Huntington. I recommend Huntington to anyone with a child who needs help in school.

FROM: Jaelyn C.

Offers a competitive edge

HLC has given many students the support they need to be successful~ their tutors and support staff are always confident and professional in giving the students direction to stay competitive~ Our family is very fortunate and will continue to utilize them for our son's future education!!

FROM: Tiny Morgan

Great improvement on the ACT

My son went from a 23 on the ACT to a 33, and received a full scholarship to Dartmouth. He could not have done this without Huntington. My daughter is now enrolled in the ACT prep program and is looking forward to excellent results.

FROM: Oliver C.

Mathematically Confident

My daughter has gone from failing grades in math to a "B" average in her high school algebra class. More importantly, she has gained confidence that she can do math and excel in it. This would have not been possible without her Huntington tutor who has done a tremendous job helping her understand what she is not getting in school.

FROM: Jeri Pavlovick

Had fun learning new things

Huntington, thank you for teaching me so much!!! I had fun learning many new things.

FROM: Sean M.

Excellent with children

They truly care about your child's success. I highly recommend their services.

FROM: Tammy Kline

Overcoming Obstacles

Jennifer is great. As a blind student I knew I was limited with my options. Jennifer found a way to teach me Algebra and did not let my handicap hinder my learning ability.

FROM: Scott Berry
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