Jake is off to a great school year!

Jake's been doing really well with school. He doesn't always like it, but he has come such a long way! He read for over an hour today, when he didn't have to. Such a huge difference from the end of last year. For now I think we're just going to see how he continues to do in school, and if we feel like he's starting to slip a little we'll get in touch. I'm hoping that won't happen (no offense). :) Thanks for everything!” – Jake K from Mom, Melissa

FROM: Melissa K

Tanner achieves a 30 on his ACT!

" Tanner received a 30! Again, thank you to you and all the wonderful staff who helped Tanner achieve this important goal. He cannot wait to submit them to his colleges!”

FROM: Mariam Sultani

8 point increase on the ACT

Michael S reports that he had an 8 point increase in his ACT test!

FROM: Mariam Sultani

MCA math and reading scores increase to 90th Percentile

Blaine's center director reports that Carly's MCA score increased to the 90th percentile and the Center received the following thank you from her mother: “Thanks again for all your help and support with Carly! It was time, effort and money well spent! We appreciate all you and Huntington have done for her and us!” – Susie H

FROM: Mariam Sultani

Accuplacer math score goes up 45 points!

“I came to Huntington Learning Center in Blaine because I needed to get my Accuplacer test in arithmetic up to a score of 72 which doesn't seem too bad but I've always struggled with math. Last year I took the test and got a whopping 45...So this year I knew I had to do something to get my score up...I went this past week to take my Accuplacer and scored a 89!! The staff made me feel very confident that my results would come out good and they came out great! Can't thank them enough and...

FROM: Jake H

Another Light Goes On!

"I never [understood] division until I got to Huntington!"

FROM: Alex K., 7th Grade

Teja increases his ACT score 5 points to a 31!

Teja had a goal of attending the Naval Academy and needed a 31. He writes, “I just wanted to write you an email to thank you and everyone at Huntington for working with me for the last year. It has meant so much to me that everyone has been so willing to work with me and not give up on me. In the one year I went to Huntington, I moved my ACT score up from a 26 to a 31, achieving my goals in every subject. Your faith in me, along with the hard work that you and the rest of the teachers a...

FROM: Teja

You Got Me From Being Behind To Being Advanced

The teachers care and the students learn. That is just "The Huntington Learning Center Way". My experience at Huntington made me the person I am today. Sometime, Huntington can be a drag, but at the end of the day, it is education. Education can be fun. I have extraordinary grades because of Huntington Learning Center. I am ahead of my classmates, I hate to say it, I love being ahead. Thank you Huntington Learning Center for giving me the opportunity to be ahead.

FROM: Emily V.
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