Success with AP Classes

Kaitlin is currently taking all AP courses and is doing a fantastic job in school. All the hard work of those at Huntington truly assisted in Kaitlin’s success.

FROM: Greg

Ethan Gets Back On Track

Ethan has improved significantly in his study skills, his focus, and ultimately his grades. We’ve seen a decrease in his anxiety over assignments and homework, and where homework previously took many hours, he now completes it in a timely manner. We’re very happy to see him getting back on track and confident with his newly learned skills. Huntington has been wonderful at keeping us informed regarding Ethan’s progress, and at adapting tutoring to his needs and learning style. We’re...

FROM: Charles D.

My sons have literally transformed!

I am a mom of three boys who have have attended Huntington learning Center. My sons have literally transformed from the interaction and instruction they have received from HLC and the outstanding staff. In fact my older sons, that are both attending Rollins College, credit their academic success and focused approach to their studies to HLC. My younger son had a multitude of learning issues and sever gaps over the last five years and today I see a confident eight grader keeping right up to...

FROM: Susanne Sabbatino

We loved the teachers and staff and most importantly the results (SAT and ACT)

My son used Huntington Learning Center in Winter Park to help him prepare for the ACT and SAT. He improved his scores and was fully engaged in the tutoring process. The service he received was personalized and flexible and provided experienced specialized teachers for each area of study. We were able to arrange his tutoring schedule to meet the ever changing needs of his extra-curricular activities and school demands. I recommend Huntington Learning Center for tutoring services. We loved...

FROM: F. Ziegler

Confidence to Succeed

“The staff at Huntington went above and beyond the call of duty. Not only did our daughter receive the individual, professional help that we expected, but they went more than the extra mile to motivate her, make her feel confident and teach her all of the strategies that helped her be successful”.

FROM: Liz Weinhold

Kynleigh making a difference

“Two-and-a-half years of in-school tutoring did not help my daughter, but only two months at Huntington enabled her to meet and exceed her teacher’s goals and gave her the confidence she needed. She continued through the summer to prepare her for third grade. She’s bringing A’s and B’s home so far in third grade, and now she eagerly shows me how she can do her homework on her own. Huntington made the difference!”

FROM: Candy Russell

400 point increase on the SAT

My son is usually an A-student but his practice SAT score was just "average" and not reflective of his abilities. We met with Jessica and team at Huntington and reviewed the areas that showed his strengths and weaknesses. They formulated a custom one-on-one tutoring plan and test strategies for my son that worked. His "official" SAT score improved almost 400 points! Thank you Cheryl, Sam & Jessica for your help, enabling my son to showcase his true abilities.

FROM: Cathy Thompson

Myra improved her ACT 4 points

“My daughter’s original ACT test scores were a major disappointment for her. After a couple months at Huntington, we have seen a 4 point improvement in her overall scores. While this has definitely broadened her list of colleges and universities, it has, more importantly, improved her self confidence. I would definitely recommend Huntington to any parent who wants their kids to excel in school or college!”

FROM: Stasy Smith
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