JB off to a great start for new school year!

JB is a great kid – full of life, so busy; but, she was not a very good student. She worked hard last summer to improve her reading and math skills. At summer’s end, JJ worked with the Woodbury Huntington staff to build her study skills. JB is off to a great school year! Her note to us says, “Hello, it’s JB! I wanted to tell you how school is going. First off, last Friday I had three quizzes – one in Spanish, biology and math and I got 100% on all of them. I have 100% in...

FROM: Robert Burfeind

Student achieves a 34 on the ACT

Woodbury Huntington staff tested AA as a 9th grader, as she was a gifted student with very high potential. Her parents wanted a program to maximize her reading, study, and math skills. She continued with an enrichment program and in the spring of her 10th grade, she began to her Huntington ACT exam prep. AA took 12 practice tests in her quest for perfect score, ending with a 34 and a full academic scholarship. Her note to us states, “Dear Huntington Team – thank you so much for...

FROM: Robert Burfeind

Noah improved his ACT score by 6 points

Noah has struggled in school for a few years and Huntington has really helped him gain the skills he was missing in order to prepare for his senior year. He has gone back into the semester with new found confidence and enthusiasm and the hard work has paid off. From his time at Huntington this summer, we have seen a six point improvement on his ACT score and now so many doors are open for Noah.

FROM: Justin D.

Brock gaining the skills and confidence to improve in school.

Huntington has done a fantastic job of introducing new skills and helping to build Brock's confidence in his school work. Brock is gaining confidence daily and I certainly have noticed it in his school work and homework approach. This years' grades are the best grades that I've EVER seen from him and I'm SO proud of his hard work at Huntington.

FROM: Andrea L.

This program has been a miracle for our child.

"Huntington has helped me increase my vocabulary and grades in school!" -Lucas Z. "We have seen a lot of progress in Lucas since we started Huntington. He is more confident and independent in completing homework. This program has been a miracle for our child." -parents of Lucas

FROM: Sabastian and Daniela

Emma M. improved her ACT Score by 8 points!

"Huntington cares about their students and want to see every student improve in all aspects. Not only have my ACT scores improved by eight points, but my grades at school have improved as well. The study skills and techniques they taught me will stick with me forever." -Emma M. "I wish I would have put my oldest daughter through Huntington. I missed the boat. It would have made a real difference with her just like it did with Emma. My daughter was already a great student, but after Huntington...

FROM: Eric, Angie, and Emma M.

Not only did Huntington improve my test scores, but also my confidence.

As a former student, I can say Huntington has changed my life. With a very low SAT score initially, I wasn't sure if I could get into any college. Not only did Huntington improve my test scores, but also my confidence. On my last official SAT test, I surpassed my goal score! The score was beyond what I thought I could achieve. And I got accepted to UW! You guys really did change my life, and I know you will do the same for other students!

FROM: Heather D

Work Paid off !

We want to thank you so much for your dedicated service to our son, David, for SAT prep work. Your work with David paid off. The techniques David learned at your Center, as well as becoming familiar with the test, gave David an edge, in spite of his reading/learning disabilities. The one-on-one study kept David focused on the lessons. Your staff brought out confidence in David as he was very reluctant to even take the test last year. I feel this experience has given David a new found...

FROM: Sara H.
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