Kids Love to Learn Here!

★★★★★ Awesome experience, very helpful and caring staff. Teachers have encouraged my kids to learn, they enjoy the challenge and their teachers can see the difference in their progress.


Better than online tutoring!

I thought about using an online tutoring center but instead decided to try something local. I'm so glad I was able to find Huntington Learning Center. Wie Pan makes us feel welcomed and like family. The environment and the knowledge of the staff is more than we could hope for.


Both are getting straight A's!

Huntington in Elmhurst has been great for my kids. My two oldest boys are "average" students, and were getting left in the dust at school. Both can do well if someone pushes them, but if the bare minimum is fine.. that is what they will do. I didn't want them to form bad habits of turning in sloppy, low effort work, even though that work was resulting in As and Bs because it was "good enough." Huntington taught them good study habits and got them in the habit of working neatly and trying...

FROM: Renee D.

ACT Score went up 5 points!

The directors and staff were unbelievably good, caring, and tailored my son's studies to exactly what he needed. His ACT score went up 5 point from his initial practice test, and he got into the college he wanted. I cannot thank them enough!

FROM: Susan V.

One of the best decisions I've ever made to better myself in the classroom

My Huntington experience was quite a journey. From the firs time I walked into the center to the test, I felt like my challenges in school were taken seriously and as such, I have greatly improved. The teachers acted professionally and in a very kind and helpful manner. Through all of the hard work and time sacrificed from my teachers, parents and myself, I have dramatically improved not only in my grades, but also in my organization, study habits and time management. Expect me to be back...

FROM: Layton B student at Millard West High School

I feel Accomplished and Smart

I have never felt more accomplished and smart since I came to Huntington. When I first started, I thought it was a punishment for my low grades. The area I got the most help in was Math. Before Huntington, Math was a constant struggle for me. I just couldn't see how the numbers came together to form an answer. My teacher's clever metaphors and jokes along with his helpful hints, allowed me to reach my full potential and discover how smart I can truly be. My grades have skyrocketed and my...

FROM: Bella B, student in Ralston

A Student's review of our SAT Program

“I liked the program overall. I have improved my practice scores ever since I came here. I think that the most helpful thing about the program was the tips and tricks I got for the test as a whole and for each section. These especially helped with my timing. I liked all of the teachers. I thought they were knowledgeable about the curriculum and able to communicate that knowledge well. “ He gave “Excellent” across the board! He is hoping to beat Mom’s ACT score. She got a 33...

FROM: Jake O.

Excellent Job Huntington Learning Center!!

My son scored 1070 in his first diagnostic SAT assessment and he needed to score 1150 to be accepted at UCF. We contacted Huntington who gave us a prescriptive program to reach this goal. Following 2 months of tutoring he scored 1210 on his first try!! This is a great testament to this center's ability to achieve goals as set based on his gaps. I am very happy and will recommend your center to all my friends and acquaintances.

FROM: Safaa B.
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