Alexa's teacher said she was a good reader!

Alexa had her evaluation today and the teacher came out and said she's a good reader. I'm mostly proud and happy because when she got home she shared that she read a story and went on to saying what the story was about. This is huge because a few months ago, she would just say "I don't remember". Thank you!

FROM: Adriana G.

We will whole heartedly endorse Huntington Learning Center for anyone thinking about taking a test prep class...

We’d like to thank you for the time you put into working with our son Ben. He scored a 25 when he first took the ACT - too low for the schools he wanted to attend. We debated spending the money to enroll in the ACT prep class at Huntington Learning Center, but decided that improving his scores was worth the investment. After the sessions at Huntington and his own hard work, his score improved by 6-points to a 31. It put him in a better position to be accepted at his target schools, he’s...

FROM: Gerry, Tricia, and Ben V.

When my scores arrived I was completely and utterly shocked....

Testimonial #1 When I originally took the ACT, my goal was to get a score of a 27 – which I did successfully. As I looked at my scores, I was sure I could improve on a couple of the sections, especially in English and reading. So after asking friends who had been to Huntington, I enrolled, not knowing what to expect. When my scores arrived I was completely and utterly shocked. I scored a 32! That’s a FIVE POINT INCREASE! I can’t even describe how excited I was. I’m completely...

FROM: Tenley B.

Wait Until You See Jacob's Scores

Good Morning Teresa, Jacob and I stopped by at the new location but missed you. Attached is his ACT questionnaire. Wait until you see the scores! Composite: From 30 to 34 (+4) English: From 32 to 35 (+3) Math: From 25 to 28 (+3) Reading: From 32 to 36 (+4) Science: From 32 to 35 (+3) Between the ACT review and the subject matter review…..best high school decision ever. All the best

FROM: Joel M.

Thank you for Helping Noah

Dan, I want to thank you and the staff at Huntington for being instrumental in Noah's success on both the PSAT and the SAT examinations. We were ecstatic to learn that his score placed him in the 99th percentile on the PSAT and likely within the same range on the SAT (based upon preliminary results)! Huntington not only demonstrated an interest in Noah's academic achievement, but genuinely cared about him personally. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to friends and family or...

FROM: Shelly K.

THANK YOU Doesn't Seem to be Enough to Say

Thank you so much Dan for the support you have given Olivia and our family. We appreciate your help, and the attention you have given Olivia has boosted her confidence tremendously! She LOVED tutoring, and I know most of that was due to the fact that she knew you cared about her, and wanted to see her succeed. Her scores in her reading class are great and her score in her English class is now one of the highest grades in her class. THANK YOU doesn’t even seem to be enough to say to you. ...

FROM: Lisa D.

I'm a Believer!

Mr. Dan and Staff, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have been able to accomplish with Tommy. He started your program as a reluctant reader. He was behind after his first grade year and I knew that without help he would fall even further behind in 2nd grade. Tommy told me he was “scared” to go to second grade because he couldn’t read the way other kids could. Your program has given him the tools needed for a successful school year. He loves reading now and is excited t...

FROM: Melinda M.

Thrilled with Conner's Scores

Dear Dan, I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled Conner's father and I are with his ACT Scores. They just arrived today, and he got a 31 on English, a 28 on Math, a 29 on Reading and a 27 in Science and an 8 on the writing. His score is a 29 overall, an increase of 6 points! Absolutely phenomenal! Your teachers did a great job with Conner, and I know that he worked hard and applied the strategies which Huntington taught him. We will continue to recommend you to anyone whose child need...

FROM: Julie W.
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