We are very happy!

So far, I've been thrilled with my son's progress after enrolling at Huntington. Their diagnostic testing approach really pinpointed his challenges, and the center director gave us a very clear plan of action. The staff are kind and caring, and my son actually looks forward to his tutoring sessions! The results have been evident in school, and we expect even more growth through the remaining school year.

FROM: Melissa

This program works!

To make a long story short, not only did my son increase his ACT scores in focus areas of English and Reading by 3-4 points but he also increased his composite score by 3 points getting him to his target. Furthermore, he was able to apply the learnings to his regular school work and tests and we saw results there as well. The one on one individualized attention and focus on what matters to you is priceless and makes the difference vs. a group setting. The Huntington team was very flexible...

FROM: Dorys

My son has ADHD and improved 5 points on his ACT.

The tutoring and methods Huntington uses are excellent and thorough. The Skokie location has an incredible staff of smart, kind, motivating tutors. It's hard on weekends and after school to jump into testing preparation material, but after each session in Skokie he only had positive things to say about the time. He always improved and learned something significant. I attribute this to the quality and sensibilities of the tutors at Huntington in Skokie.

FROM: Marla

Huntington Learning Center was the best investment we ever made in our daughter's education.

The experts at Huntington Learning Center on Skokie Blvd. provided the perfect support for our daughter as she prepared for the ACT exam. Not only was she well prepared for the test, the Huntington program filled in her education gaps...and did I mention that she has the HIGHEST ACT score within her high school now!

FROM: Apryl

Gave my 5th grade son the confidence he needed for the standardize tests.

My son's prior results did not reflect his abilities that the teachers saw in the classroom. The standardized test scores were keeping him out of more advance classes. Now, he has the test scores to reflect his knowledge and abilities. Huntington teachers really care about the kids and they provide a customized learning plan. I would highly recommend Huntington in Skokie.

FROM: Diane

Many thanks for getting us on track!

Our family had a very positive experience with Huntington Learning Center for our third grader. The staff/director were always very engaged and helpful and our daughter grew very fond of her teachers. Her scores were significantly improved and we were very satisfied with her progress.

FROM: Kimberly

Simply Amazing!

Cutting edge, simply amazing! Huntington has some of the best human beings I’ve ever met, so caring, intelligent and attentive toward my son’s needs. Without a doubt, the improvement was stellar.

FROM: Jared L.

What an Improvement!

We really appreciated the instruction provided. We really saw an improvement in his school work. We thank the entire staff for everything they did to help improve our son’s educational level. We were distraught when we first learned of how far behind he was. However, we are thankful today to know he has made huge improvements and has been set up for success.

FROM: Latissa and Willie R.
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