34... way to go!

Hi guys, We had great news this morning. Monica's ACT scores are way up and she NAILED it! Her composite went up to a 34. We are thrilled! Thanks to you and your team for all your help. Thanks!


Thank you mom and dad

Dear mom and dad, Thank you for letting me come to Huntington. I remember when I felt like I was dumb and couldn't do anything. Huntington really changed that. My favorite part of Huntington is math. I find it fun and exciting. I feel more prepared in school now. Thank you so much mom and dad for taking me to Huntington and thanks to Huntington for changing my life. Love Katie

FROM: Katie (6th grade student)

J. Jumps Up in Reading and Math in First Three Weeks

J has been at the center only three weeks and is busy moving up the curriculum path. He's moved up grade levels in four different categories of Reading and Math. Mom said he is "so much more relaxed this year than last." Dad says to "keep up the good work."

FROM: Mr. and Mrs. K

Celeste rocked the ACT!

Thank you Huntington. My daughter Celeste came to your center earlier this year. She worked hard and was able to gain 6 points on her official ACT. Her hard work (and yours) paid off! I'm so excited for her future... she is now over a 30! This has really helped her get both accepted and scholarships at several GREAT schools.


Increased Scholarship Money

Dear Huntington, I would first like to say thank you so much for working with me. You guys were excellent in working around my short notice and busy schedule. I had an overall great learning experience. Now for the actual ACT. I scored a 29 and am now eligible for increased scholarship money. Hitting the reading section hard during my sessions also really helped; I score a 34! I remember the first thoughts that went through my head when I was told I needed a 29 for scholarship money. It was kin...

FROM: Kyle P

Thank you, Huntington!

I was fortunate to send my twins to the Huntington Learning Center. The opportunity gave them the confidence in their classroom learning and the ability to become more creative.

FROM: Rose

My Children Have Been Transformed!

I highly recommend Huntington to everyone I speak with. After years of my kids feeling like they just couldn’t learn like other kids and felt like failures, two years later and they are both on the honor roll and looking forward to college. They also carry themselves so differently, they have found their voice and are not afraid to make their thoughts known in class.

FROM: Beth

Vast Improvement for My Children

Huntington is very flexible with the needs of their kids. If an issue comes up regarding a subject or a teacher, they are right there meeting with the school and helping to advocate for your child’s needs so that they child is working at their maximum. I have always been so impressed with Harriet’s ability to get to the bottom of most problems my kids had when it came to learning a difficult subject. Both my kids have such an amazing increase in their self confidence since tutoring with...

FROM: Beth
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