Impressive ACT Tutors

We are extremely pleased with the Huntington ACT prep tutoring program my daughter attended in Reno. When we signed up less then 2 months before the last ACT testing, we were very skeptical of how in such a short time the sessions would really help her score. My daughter found the prep sessions very useful and productive and really liked her tutors. She was so impressed with the quality of the tutors that she now schedules tutoring sessions for tutoring sessions for her AP classes at school....

FROM: Christelle Redden

The Huntington Learning Center has helped my kids in so many ways.

The Huntington Learning Center has helped my kids in so many ways. At the end of my son's third grade year, he was below the grade average in reading. Now as he continues through fourth grade, he is back on track and made an A on his most recent report card! My other son also has gotten help with test anxiety and advanced math tutoring. He has improved his performance and pulled his grades back up to what they should be! Thanks to Huntington for everything!

FROM: Angy E

Improvement in Reading

Our daughter has been tutoring with your teachers for a month now. We have seen much improvement in her reading, and she enjoys going. She is excited to tell us about what she has learned and done during her tutoring lessons. All of your teachers and staff are great, and our daughter says everyone is friendly and nice!

FROM: Eric and Melanie F.

Built Up Confidence

Since Kindergarten, my son was struggling. He has been passed each year. This year he was in 6th grade and really struggling. We heard about Huntington and immediately called and scheduled a time to meet with the staff. He has been here since the end of January 2015 and has improved his attitude towards learning and he has built up his confidence in the different subjects thanks to the wonderful staff at Huntington. He has passed 6th grade and is now going to 7th grade thanks to the...

FROM: Valdez Family

Improved Test Score!

Our son was tutored at Huntington to advance his PSAT/SAT/ACT test taking skills. He was taught a variety of test taking skills by his teachers, such as how to better pace himself, how to review questions before answering, how to analyze questions to omit wrong answers and how to better critically think. He especially connected very well with the math instructor, as they were both analytical thinkers. He took the ACT as a sophomore and improved his score by 4 points for a composite of 27. We...

FROM: Marina Alcazar

Back on Track!

Huge Fan! Colleen and staff were so helpful through the whole process of helping my son. He was struggling in school and had a really hard time reading. They were able to fix the problem and get him back to where he needs to be and then some! They even went to the school and met with his teachers to make sure everyone was on the same page. Thank you all so much, you changed our lives and it was worth every penny.

FROM: James Patchett

Opening New Doors

My son... was able to raise his score from 21 to 29. This opened new doors to colleges and universities in my son's search for a school to meet his academic plans and his dream to play college soccer. Huntington was very flexible with my son's busy schedule and always worked with us to reschedule any sessions. Then program was definitely worth it! We will be back in a couple of weeks with my younger son.

FROM: Cynthia Blanc

ACT Score Improvement Opens Doors To The Future

My child attended Huntington Learner Center and thrived in the learning environment offered within the facility. He scored a 25 on the ACT at the beginning of his time at Huntington and ended with a score of 31. The doors to his future are wide open and we have Huntington to thank.

FROM: J. Lockard
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