Simply Amazing!

Cutting edge, simply amazing! Huntington has some of the best human beings I’ve ever met, so caring, intelligent and attentive toward my son’s needs. Without a doubt, the improvement was stellar.

FROM: Jared L.

What an Improvement!

We really appreciated the instruction provided. We really saw an improvement in his school work. We thank the entire staff for everything they did to help improve our son’s educational level. We were distraught when we first learned of how far behind he was. However, we are thankful today to know he has made huge improvements and has been set up for success.

FROM: Latissa and Willie R.

She Got Into Her Dream School!

A year ago we enrolled our daughter in the SAT Test Help Program with the hope of raising her score by a couple hundred points. We first met with the Director, Eva Fernandez who was extremely informative and very knowledgeable. She was able to answer all of our questions and concerns. Through the Huntington Learning Center program our daughter was able to raise her score even higher with the help of a very knowledgeable tutor, Nikki, and the rest of the HLC team. Today my daughter got her...

FROM: Sarah H.

ACT Success!

Huntington was so worth the time and money! The staff was extremely nice and willing to work with my schedule and they worked with me on my specific struggles. They helped me improve my ACT score by 3 points! I recommend HLC LR to anyone who wants one on one help with improving standardized test scores.

FROM: Katie G.

No more fighting about school

I am so happy --- my son's grades, confidence, and even attitude towards school have improved exponentially since Huntington Dunwoody became our afterschool activity. We just had out last session today, and I honestly think my son will miss going there! ...everyone's patience had paid off:I got my happy child back. No more fighting about schoolwork. Worth every penny!

FROM: Micheleanne C.

ACT score improves by 10 points

My son scored a 23 on his diagnostic ACT at the Huntington Learning Center in Bellevue. He took the 'real' test after training - and today we learned that he earned an unbelievable composite score of 33. He is so proud of himself and amazed by this achievement and this will help to open doors for him as he pursues his college pathway. My son believes without a doubt that for him, the success was in the test-taking strategies that he learned from his tutors at Huntington/Bellevue. In the end...

FROM: Karen W

ACT - What an increase!

Huntington Learning Center was instrumental in helping our daughter achieve a seven point increase in her ACT score while immensely boosting her self confidence. Initially, she was somewhat reluctant to make time in her already cramped school/work schedule for the multiple sessions at Huntington each week but we kept insisting that her hard work with the assistance of her wonderful tutors would pay off in the end. We are extremely happy and grateful to both the staff and tutors at Huntington...


High Quality Education

The staff at the Huntington Center in River Forest is superb. They know their stuff. My children have taken summer enrichment sessions and also prepped for the high school placement exam there--all with excellent results. They hire patient, knowledgeable teachers. They evaluate needs and create study plans that are realistic and consider the whole child. They draw from their experience as parents as well as educators to connect with the student. They are flexible in terms of scheduling. It'...

FROM: Diane R
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