Huntington helped my children succeed

My children are at Coppell High School and have been in the enrichment program at Huntington for years. My eldest is a senior and did his ACT prep at Huntington. His scores and GPA have opened many doors for him. He has been awarded The Presidential Scholarship for college at a great university and we are thrilled! Thanks Huntington! We could not have done it without you!

FROM: Susie B.

Huntington Works!

I am a parent, so I am always looking for new ways to help my kids succeed. I love Huntington because it never felt worksheet-ish. Every time I dropped by, I could see the teachers actually talking to kids.They are flexible with scheduling and it's easy to make an appointment to meet with the center director if needed. Overall I am pleased. It really is a place that seems to work around our schedule and helps kids. Plus, I LOVE the location. This is really centrally located to everything I nee...

FROM: Jessica W.

Exam Prep Success

Our daughter was tutored at Huntington for about 2 months and significantly improved her already good ACT and SAT scores, helping her to get into the school of her choice. The weekend sessions are nice for familiarizing your student with test format and content. Paul and his team test your student to find their strengths and weaknesses and focus on the areas where there can be greatest growth/improvement. They care to encourage your student and cheer them on the day before testing and check i...

FROM: Julianne W.

Stephanie Improved Her Reading and Confidence

Stephanie was the first student that I observed at Huntington Learning Center. She was an 8th grader who struggled with reading, comprehension, and confidence. After working very hard on her reading skills, site words, and fluency, Stephanie gained so much confidence that she tried out for her school play. She auditioned for one of the leading roles in Grease (the musical), and was awarded that role. With tears of joy, her mother came into the center and invited the entire Huntington staff to...

FROM: Martin L

India Improved Her ACT Score By 4 Points

India enrolled in our ACT Test Prep and increased her composite score by 4 points. More importantly, she was accepted into her dream college, and opened the door to other colleges too.


Adam made A and B Honor Roll

Adam came to our center hating to do homework, and having bad grades. After spending the Summer tutoring at Huntington, Adam made all A's and one B on his report card. Almost as exciting, he is now doing his homework all on his own.

FROM: Grandmother

We are so thankful for Citrus Heights Huntington Learning Center

We are so thankful for Citrus Heights Huntington Learning Center. Yes, the ads are a bit corny and predictable! But, Debi and her team (David especially) are no nonsense professionals focused on one thing- your child's success! Their evaluation is spot on and they will make modifications to meet your needs. They are on your side. Quantifiable improvement is their only measure of success. We regret that we did not go sooner. Our grandson progressed from almost two years in arrears to thre...

FROM: Roy Y.

I wish we had found Huntington Learning Center sooner!

The results of time & money spent have been more than worth it. The tutoring is tailored to my daughter's specific needs. Her confidence & grades have already shown immense improvement. Deb & the tutors my daughter has worked with; Archie, John, Trish & David are fabulous. Deb's knowledge of how the local schools work & what they are after is great. Deb has a very positive & persuasive personality & she connects well with kids. She was able to convince my daughter to spend her summer working on...

FROM: Jennifer B.
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