Increased confidence!!

My Huntington experience has been pretty excellent for the most part. All of the tutors here (especially Sean) are phenomenally intelligent human beings. I often have distinct problems with changing the way that I work through problems. I've had a distinct, rigid method for years. The best thing that Huntington has done for me is teach me new ways to think. I know this test inside and out. I can tell you more about the ACT than I can about many of my own family members. This is what Huntington...

FROM: Jacob F.

6 point English increase!

I had really good tutors, and they helped my English score go up dramatically. The tutors were all very nice and understanding. I recommend Huntington for anyone, because I learned a lot of new skills.

FROM: Bria H.

Skylar improved her ACT by 7 points in math!

I just got my ACT scores back and I just wanna say thanks! My ACT score came up two points (24 to a 26). I now have: English 25, Reading 32, Math 24 (Thanks Mr. Sean!), Science 24. Thanks y'all so much, and seriously big shout out to Mr. Sean for sitting through some pretty painstaking hours with me in math. I went from a 17 to a 24 in math, I really can't believe it! Thanks again!

FROM: Skylar B.

SAT Scores

Huntington Learning Center has an incredible reputation. After meeting with Jay it seemed clear that the Huntington Staff had the ability to help Monica get her SAT score up and deal with the test better.

FROM: Maria S.

A Student's thank you note

Over the summer Huntington taught me Geometry. I went from thinking it was all about shapes and measures to learning proofs, postulates, and theorems. Because of Huntington, I now know almost everything I need to about Geometry. Also by encouraging me to succeed in my academic goals. By them helping me with my homework, my grades rose, and my confidence also because my grades show that I can do it.

FROM: Anthony B.

An appreciative ACT Exam Prep Parent

I can't thank you enough for the growth you have provided Morgan. She is more prepared and confident in her test taking abilities. Not only was her experience with Huntington Learning Center beneficial in preparing her for ACT's, it also helped in her every day studies. She always looked forward to her sessions and was greeted with smiling faces. The staff who worked with her were very engaging and encouraging. Huntington Learning Center was the best fit for Morgan because of your individua...

FROM: Tammy O.

Lucas is no longer in the Special Reading program!

We are so grateful to have found Huntington! Our son started 1st grade barely knowing his letters and was dangerously behind. Even though the district gave him every support service available it was still falling short. We enrolled him in March and by the end of summer he was not only a fluent and confident reader but entered 2nd grade and no longer needed special reading programs at school! He now loves to read and is succeeding in all of his school work. We love the tutoring so much that now...


Thank you, Allison Haines

I was very happy with this experience. I felt the one-on-one was really helpful and it helped that it was more focused on what I needed to work on the most.

FROM: Allison Haines
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