Huntington ACT prep course

I enrolled my son Alexander in the Huntington ACT prep course in West University, and found the program to be well organized and very helpful. He was paired with specialized tutors for each of the different subjects to be covered on the exam, and the tutors were very well qualified. They came up with good test strategies for each subject which helped Alexander not only with the ACT, but in his school courses as well. Overall we had a very satisfying experience. I would highly recommend the West...

FROM: Chris Nevins, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Huntington Improved My Confidence

I really like their approach to teaching. I feel that it is a method that most tutoring places and even school lack and it is rather important. They all lack the proper motivation in public school that Huntington has shown me, and since I started here, I've been feeling a lot better about myself and my educational capabilities. This was very motivational and it really brought me up and made a big difference in me compared to how my family and school tried to "All the tutors are friendly and...

FROM: Samantha M.

No More Homework Wars!!

My daughter Kelsey, a third grader was struggling with her homework. It had become daily torture for BOTH of us, especially reading comprehension and math word problems. Thanks to a friend's referral I sent her to Huntington and began to see things improve almost immediately. She now does her homework on her own! No more homework wars, no more tears! Her grades have improved dramatically and she is much happier and confident in school and at home. I can't thank you enough for how you have...

FROM: Mary E.

Colleen Improved Her ACT Score 6 Points From 28 to 34!!

Wow! Our 4th child Colleen increased her ACT score 6 points from a 28 to a phenomenal 34!! We had just as amazing results with our oldest three: Charlie - from 27 to 32, Elizabeth - from 29 to 33, and Theresa - from 27 to 33. All 3 were accepted into their top college of choice WITH MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS!! We can't wait to see Colleen's college acceptance letters! We looked at other test prep centers and we're convinced that it was Huntington's one-to-one approach that made the difference! ...

FROM: Catherine

David now loves to read.

Received a letter from a mom who is so excited because her son, David, who would never even pick up book, now won't put the book down. He reads in the car on the way to school, he reads in the car on the way home from school. She mentioned during their vacation trip, he even read an entire book while they were driving. She said he loves to read and he tells her what the story is about, the characters and sometimes a play by play of the story.

FROM: Sarah (posted by HLC-Tulsa)

Does Huntington work?

This is for all those parents who wonder if Huntington Works. It works! Both my sons started Huntington in middle school. One for tutoring and then SAT Prep and one for enhancement. They have become confident and independent students. Both of them achieving high honor roll. Thanks to Huntington I do not have to worry anymore about them regarding test taking. Huntington developed a foundation upon which they could build and be successful. Also, the management and staff are very...

FROM: Carol C.

The tools and skills needed to achieve her goals and dreams!

Your tutoring helped a young middle school student who was struggling with reading and math learn how to organize and study effectively. She graduated from high school in the top 20% of her class. Your SAT prep helped her get into the college of her choice- Fordham University,where she graduated with a 3.8. The skills you taught her were the keys to helping her learn and study efficiently while pursuing her education. I suspect that many times the end results might be unknown. Huntington's...

FROM: Chris Zapf-Longo

Karina Improved Her ACT Score

This Huntington Learning Center helped me improve my skills immensely. The teachers were extremely friendly and encouraging and the 1 on 1 tutoring they provided was a tremendous help! Their assistance allowed me to score over a 30 on the ACT!

FROM: Karina D
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