Big Improvement

Homework was a struggle for our child and his test scores at school needed to improve. We found Huntington and put together a plan. After several weeks of working within their program, I can definitely say there is a big improvement. Our son now works independently on his homework, his grades are picking up, and he has learned important study habits. It's been a lot of hard work for our son, but he has more confidence in his own abilities now and we recommend Huntington to anyone who finds...

FROM: Sheryl S.

Huge Improvement

I have to say, I loved my experience at Huntington and I'm beyond happy with the huge improvement with my ACT score! My very first ACT I took was in March 2015, which I scored a 19 on. My parents and I then decided to sign me up for the October test, and to start Huntington. When I first started Huntington, I received a 19 on their practice test. A few weeks later, I got my October ACT results back which I improved to a 23. I also took another practice ACT test at Huntington which I received a...

FROM: Sara K.

Great Place!

Huntington Learning Center in Elmhurst has a great team and positive energy when it comes to teaching kids. With a supportive and welcoming environment HLC Elmhurst takes teaching kids to a whole new level. If you decide to get tutoring here, rest assured your kids are in good hands and skills will improve!

FROM: Rabs W.

Improved on ACT

Helped all 3 of our children improve dramatically on ACT, resulting in numerous scholarships. Very targeted program. THANKS!!!

FROM: David K.

ACT Scores up!

This tutoring center made a huge difference for three of my kids, who all got scholarships based upon their ACTs. The individual tutoring more than pays for itself. It is a friendly, welcoming place and my kids got so much from their experience.

FROM: Maria R.

Up 7 points!

My son's ACT composite score went up 7 points from his first practice ACT to his first "real" ACT. Loved the targeted approach to all the material. Well worth the $$ and time! So nice to have options/choices while going thru the college search.

FROM: Christy S.

Terrific 1-1 experience

Terrific one on one experience. My son told someone that reading was kinda fun the other day. Surprised bc he always hated it.

FROM: Colleen K.

Liz passed Geometry!

These past few months of my education have been interesting. I came to Huntington so I could pass my Geometry class. The first few visits were Geometry for straight 2 hours, 2 days a week. Honestly, I did not enjoy that at first, however I benefited from this. I passed Geometry!!! I few weeks back I couldn’t even pull a C-. It felt great to be able to tell my teachers at Huntington when I got a good grade on a test. They even put my grades in the “Brag Board” that they have in the center....

FROM: Liz D.
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