My son greatly improved in reading and math!

I am very pleased with the Huntington Learning Center in Alexandria. Kathy and her staff really care about my son and his ability to develop as a solid performer in math and reading. After using several tutors, I turned to Huntington in desperation. They immediately tested my son and developed a personalized curriculum for him in the areas that he was struggling. They even collaborated with his teachers at school to better understand and address his challenges. He has since drastically improved...

FROM: Michelle J.

Nicholas Loved Our ACT Prep

I elected the services Huntington's ACT prep course after receiving two previous scores that I was unsatisfied with. After the tutoring, my score rose several points so that I would receive the higher scholarship I was aiming for which, in effect, made all the tutoring worthwhile. Each session was given one-to-one with a specialist that knew best in the subject of interest. Several practice tests were given after an initial evaluation to show my positive growth in each subject along. If...

FROM: Nicholas G.

Outstanding Results

Money well spent! I took my son here to see if his ACT scores could go from good to great. An incredibly in-depth analysis was done, a tutoring schedule to meet his goal was created, progress report meetings were scheduled along the way, & the goal was surpassed! Great experience from beginning to end!

FROM: Karen F

Good investment

My son wanted to attend an expensive university. He was accepted and they told him if he got his ACT score up to a 28 he would be eligible for some scholarship dollars. After 2 months of study with Huntington Learning in Barrington he raised his score to a 29 (up 4 points) and he will be getting $10k in scholarship dollars each year. I'd say we made a good investment.

FROM: Kevin M.

ACT Success!

We chose Huntington Learning Center of Barrington after friends recommended them. Our daughter's ACT score what not what it needed to be to get into the colleges she wanted. They thoroughly explained their program and how it works and kept our daughter on track. She was able to raise her ACT score by 5 points and she was able to choose between two of her favorite schools! We are so grateful and know it was money well spent!

FROM: Kelly N.

We will always remember the wonderful difference Huntington of Barrington made in our lives

We came to Huntington in Barrington hoping to find a solution but instead we found so much more. We were welcomed into a family of strong, supportive people who encouraged our kids to grow and learn and who have helped them become resilient students with positive self esteem. We never hear the word "I can't" anymore when it comes to homework. They have strategies that help them feel confident. Huntington helped us take the negative emotion out of doing homework so the barriers came down and our...

FROM: Kiki E.

My ACT Score

In just one month of instruction here my ACT Science score went up 7 points and my composite score went up 4 points. I can't wait until my next practice test to see the improvement I make in my score!

FROM: Maggie

My GPA has gone up!

My grades have significantly improved since last year. Since I've been coming to the center my GPA went from a 3.2 to a 3.8. My Dad and I are so happy!

FROM: Omar
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