No more excuses and tears!

I have used Huntington for my daughter to supplement her education. At 12 she is confident and has learned valuable executive function skills. Middle school has been a snap. Nor more excuses and tears, just success and smiles. I liked Huntington so much I used them for LSAT preparation. I had not been in school for 14 years. I walked in confident and calm and well prepared. Oh, yes, I got 5 points better than I had even hoped for. Thanks to my friends at Huntington in Barrington, IL.

FROM: Jane K

ACT up 4 points

Our daughter took the February ACT and her overall score went up 4 point thanks to the help she received from Huntington in Barrington. We are proud of her but know she could not down it without the teachers that helped her.

FROM: Carol S.

Both my children are now succeeding

I have sent my two children to Huntington in Stillwater over the last few summers to ensure that they progress over the break rather than slide back like so many of their friends. This year has made a huge difference with both of my two children maintaining straight As in class and being happier and more confident than ever. Thank you Huntington Learning Center.

FROM: Michael Nightingale

Congratulations to Kobe Whimper for Completing Your Program!

I learned addition and subtraction. Math was fun. I learned my capital letters, too. My teachers were very fun and we played games for math. I loved getting new prizes at the beginning. The star highlighter and squishy football were my favorite.

FROM: Kobe Whimper

A great place for SAT/ACT Prep

Huntington Learning Center located in Springfield, PA offers a wonderful opportunity for students! Their ACT/SAT test prep has helped several high school students reach their desired scores to attend the college/university of their choice!

FROM: Richard - Ridley Park,PA

Proud to work at Huntington

I'm proud to say that I work at Huntington Learning Center. A lot of work is done to ensure each student receives instruction that fits his or her needs. The center is full of people who truly do care and want to help students reach their full potential. The center assists students with Reading, Math, preparation for standardized tests (including SAT, ACT, ASVAB, and GED) as well as school tutoring in various subjects. Add Public Comment Send Direct Message Report this review Page 1 of 1

FROM: Melissa Z. Holmes,PA

A great place

Huntington Learning center in Springfield, PA is a great place to send your kids! Students receive differentiated instruction based upon their academic level and needs. Lessons are written so that students will work to their full potential at making improvements. I have been working there for several moths and have seen so many students succeed with the program!

FROM: Anne Philadelphia,PA


Huntington is amazing. If you need to study for the SAT or the ACT, go to Huntington. Not only do they help with test preparation, but they also help you with important academic skills. I know that I can take what I learned from Huntington and apply it to my future. The teachers are extremely dedicated, kind and funny. I cannot recommend this place enough. It's a life changing experience.

FROM: Jeffery H. Media, PA
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