Huge improvement in reading grades - more confidence

Thank you for the help you gave my daughter. I was so frustrated as a parent, and since I am a teacher, I knew what I was up against. We began tutoring with you and looked into why she was far behind. We noticed a change in her attitude, she was less frustrated and less drained at the end of the day. She began to like school, even look forward to going; she is participating in class, making friends. Her reading improved from a 71 to a 94. She will always have Dyslexia, however the skill...

FROM: Wendy, a parent and teacher

SAT Success & big time scholarships

Our son’s SAT scores improved more than 400 points putting him in the top 2% of the country. This score played a large role in his gaining admission to the University of Texas to receive a scholarship and in-state tuition, worth over $23,000. None of this would have been possible without Huntington. You developed a program uniquely tailored to his goals and refined it to improve his scores, feel more comfortable with the test, and achieve his goals. You did not use a "cookie-cutter" approach...

FROM: Mrs. C, Huntingdon Valley, PA

Huntington has helped me!

Huntington has helped me! I can add numbers faster. I can regroup now. HLC helped me read faster and not like a zombie. Adding and regrouping helped me with math at school and reading helped me with reading in school.

FROM: Charlie

Reading at Huntington

In reading at Huntington Learning Center, it helped my grades go up from a C to a B+ and A- in fifth grade. Also I know a lot more about writing letters, punctuation and capitalization. It made school a lot better for me.

FROM: Dharma

ACT Prep really helped me.

At Huntington the ACT prep really helped me learn mre about the test, certain strategies have really helped me in English and reading and I plan on using those on the test. I also learned how to structure my essay and what it takes to get the score I want.

FROM: Unnamed student

ACT Score

Congratulations Kinzi for raising your overall ACT score 3 points on the September ACT test.


Jackson got help he needed.

"It helps me become a better reader. I can read faster now. I'm as good as a third grader."

FROM: Jackson

Tyler completed his study skills program!

I absolutely loved the teachers! They helped me to improve my study skills and become more organized in my homework planning. They were always easy to talk to and explained the material extremely well. The best part about them was that they never lost faith in me! I can not wait to come back to Huntington next year for ACT prep!

FROM: Tyler - grade 9
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