ACT Prep really helped me.

At Huntington the ACT prep really helped me learn mre about the test, certain strategies have really helped me in English and reading and I plan on using those on the test. I also learned how to structure my essay and what it takes to get the score I want.

FROM: Unnamed student

ACT Score

Congratulations Kinzi for raising your overall ACT score 3 points on the September ACT test.


Jackson got help he needed.

"It helps me become a better reader. I can read faster now. I'm as good as a third grader."

FROM: Jackson

Tyler completed his study skills program!

I absolutely loved the teachers! They helped me to improve my study skills and become more organized in my homework planning. They were always easy to talk to and explained the material extremely well. The best part about them was that they never lost faith in me! I can not wait to come back to Huntington next year for ACT prep!

FROM: Tyler - grade 9

Sophie is now a strong and confident reader!

Before I came to Huntington, I had trouble understanding what I was reading. At Huntington, I learned new strategies to help me with my comprehension and writing. When I started at Huntington, I read very simple stories. As I moved forward, I was able to read longer and more difficult stories. Personally, I think Huntington made reading a lot easier. I also think all the people that have worked with me are great. Before I came here I would feel frustrated. I don't feel that way anymore.

FROM: Sophie - grade 4

Huntington’s knowledgeable and committed tutors gave me the confidence and the tools that I needed to perform to the best of my ability, and they ultimately helped me increase my score my 10 whole points

When I first took my diagnostic ACT at Huntington, I had no idea what the test would be like...Ms. Marilyn taught me specific tactics to answer almost any reading or english question correctly. At first, it was hard to learn a whole new way to take a multiple choice test, but over time, as I started to apply those new skills, I saw my scores begin to increase. On my first real ACT, I got a perfect score on both Reading and English thanks to Ms. Marilyn. Taking practice tests before I...

FROM: Grace M.

From a 2nd Grade Student's Mom

I wanted to thank each and every one of you for the AMAZING job you did with my son Tyler. While I am still working on making him a LOVER of reading, you have moved him leaps and bounds towards that. He is now reading on a second grade level. Last year at this time he was PRE K. He spent first grade in the Level 3 reading support. As of this writing, he has been removed from Reading Support!! You have helped me build his confidence, strengthened his grasp on reading concept issues and helpe...

FROM: Marianne S

Increase ACT scores 6 points

My son came to Huntington with a base ACT score of 20. He began the one on one tutoring and 3 months later took the ACT test again. This time, his score rose 6 points to 26. We are very pleased with the support he received from Huntington, both in terms of subject matter as well as test strategy. We would recommend Huntington to any parent looking to help their child increase their test scores.

FROM: Bob L.
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