Skills and Confidence Increase

I have to let you know that Miyah is doing very well in first grade....her confidence is up and she is getting all her work completed....told me the other day that she misses her teachers at Huntington. Thank you for all you did for her.

FROM: Dot Herndon

Huntington Changed My Son's Attitude

Huntington Learning Center has proved to be a Godsend for our son. He has learned so much these past few months and all of his grades have greatly improved. He has a healthy attitude towards school and learning and his self-esteem has improved tremendously. Thank you so much. Faye Peterson, St. Augustine, FL

FROM: Faye

Madison ACT Improvement

Thank you Huntington. You have done amazing things with my daughter in just two months! The scores don't lie! Thank you for helping my daughter get the ACT grade she needed to get into her dream college!

FROM: Jenny

My son is more confident and motivated to complete his assignments!

My son attended Huntington , I can't say enough of great things! He is now getting all A"s and B"s. He's more confident and motivated to complete his assignments. Thank you!

FROM: Ella

Huntington Works!

Terri and her team do a phenomenal job of changing students lives every single day! They have provided help with tutoring or test prep to thousands of students and have shown the results. This program works!

FROM: Jim Patchett

My nephew soared at Huntington!

When I discovered that my nephew had very significant holes in his skills and knowledge as he was about to enter high school I sought the assistance of the nearby Huntington Learning Center. The professional staff was able to quickly analyze where the holes were and to implement a personalized program to fill them. The effort was intensive but completed in a matter of months. My nephew seemed pleased to have the attention focused precisely on his needs and was able to see the demonstrated...

FROM: Bob Carroll

My son went from a 2nd grade reading level to 7th grade reading level in 9 months!

My son went from a second grade reading level to 7th grade level in around 9 months. Expensive? My son is now self-taught computer genius making close to 6 figures. But the real triumph was hearing his "I'm just dumb . . " turn into "I'm pretty sure I can do anything". Thank you Huntington!"

FROM: Jeffrey Litton

Palm Harbor Huntington is Exceptional!

There are many Learning Centers in town. But this Huntington Learning center in Palm Harbor is exceptional. I enrolled my son for study skills since he is going to college soon. Let me tell you this team of teachers/ mentors were just beyond my imagination. They helped him gain his self confidence and they put him first for everything. They wanted to have a meeting with my son's high school teachers so they would know how exactly to help him. This group of people are just beyond a learning...

FROM: Sue Som
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