Karina Improved Her ACT Score

This Huntington Learning Center helped me improve my skills immensely. The teachers were extremely friendly and encouraging and the 1 on 1 tutoring they provided was a tremendous help! Their assistance allowed me to score over a 30 on the ACT!

FROM: Karina D

How to Conquer the STAAR Exams

Huntington helped transform my daughter who was struggling with her writing skills and the teachers have been exceptional in teaching her customized program as I have seen tremendous progress throughout the year. I was dreading STAAR testing but my daughter showed confidence with the skills she has learnt from the teachers. The teachers and director at Huntington are amazing, always supportive and pleasant to work with. I would recommend Huntington at Arlington to everyone as I have seen...

FROM: Mrs. Patel

NMSQT Finalist Sindhu Reddy

Excellent! I enrolled my 8th grader after seeing that she scored only in the 25% level in her SAT writing. I am delighted with her improvement. She missed only one question in her PSAT writing and scored 98%. They have also helped her with note taking and her study skills. I am very happy with this center. They are always very helpful and accommodate her busy schedule.

FROM: Mrs. Reddy

Avoid Retention - Increase Reading Levels with 1-1 Instruction

GREATNESS in the making. I say this because Huntington Learning Center is doing something with my daughter that only 1 other person has been able to do ! They have helped her with her confidence and her reading has gone up about 2 grade levels in a very short amount of time. What ever they are doing it is working. I am not fighting with her to do her homework and her grades are getting better as well.I am pretty much skeptical about everything BUT seeing is believing... and now I am a believer...

FROM: Mrs Turner

Formula For ACT Success

Huntington built my son's knowledge and confidence so that he was able to attain a 34 on the ACT. First, their preliminary test pinpointed exactly where he needed help on the ACT and SAT subjects. Then they tutored him on his weak areas and strengthened his understanding in all relevant subjects. Finally, they gave him test taking strategies. They have a formula for success.

FROM: Christine Mcavoy

Our kids are doing so well!

We registered our daughter for learning at Huntington when she was in the 3rd grade. It helped her both with her academics and confidence. She was getting behind and the tutoring help propel her forward. We had such a great experience with our daughter who is now in her 7th grade, we are registering our 5th and 3rd graders. They just completed their assessment and I was surprised they were able to sit through it. As was done with our daughter attended, the assessment results tells us where our...

FROM: Wesam A

Liam loves school now

When I first came in to Huntington, he was frustrated by school and had almost completely lost confidence in his ability to succeed. I'm so glad we found Huntington! Brian and Rachel used the Huntington testing process to quickly identify areas where my son needed academic assistance and built an individualized program to quickly improve his math, reading and writing skills. My son felt better about his schoolwork on day one and has increasingly achieved better grades. Most importantly, tha...

FROM: Kristin G

College of Choice and a Scholarship!

I want to thank Christiane Brown and all of the tutors and staff at the Huntington Learning Center for the great work they did in helping my son raise his ACT score. Their strategies and the program really work! He increased his ACT composite score by 5 points, got into the college he wanted, and received a scholarship as well! I would strongly recommend Huntington to any students who are seeking to raise their ACT or SAT scores.

FROM: Gretchen Heidi
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