Back on Track!

Huge Fan! Colleen and staff were so helpful through the whole process of helping my son. He was struggling in school and had a really hard time reading. They were able to fix the problem and get him back to where he needs to be and then some! They even went to the school and met with his teachers to make sure everyone was on the same page. Thank you all so much, you changed our lives and it was worth every penny.

FROM: James Patchett

Opening New Doors

My son... was able to raise his score from 21 to 29. This opened new doors to colleges and universities in my son's search for a school to meet his academic plans and his dream to play college soccer. Huntington was very flexible with my son's busy schedule and always worked with us to reschedule any sessions. Then program was definitely worth it! We will be back in a couple of weeks with my younger son.

FROM: Cynthia Blanc

ACT Score Improvement Opens Doors To The Future

My child attended Huntington Learner Center and thrived in the learning environment offered within the facility. He scored a 25 on the ACT at the beginning of his time at Huntington and ended with a score of 31. The doors to his future are wide open and we have Huntington to thank.

FROM: J. Lockard

He graduated Magna Cum Laude!

Rodrick started his new job today as a Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist for UC Health Memorial Hospital. He is so excited about the job, he finished his Master's in Kinesiology at Cal Baptist this summer. You should be very proud, he graduated Magna Cum Laude, thanks to your nurturing and investing in him. We can't thank you enough for all you did to launch this young man. He is going to be a huge success because you gave him the groundwork to do well in school. Thank you. We are thankful...

FROM: Dave and Alison

ACT score improved 5 points!

My son's ACT goal score was a 30. He received a 31! He could not have done it without the Huntington Test Prep program. His tutors were excellent and provided the individualized content and strategies he needed to raise his score 5 points! He is so excited and many doors have been opened because of the success of this great program. We can't thank you enough!

FROM: Mrs. C.

I can't believe we waited as long as we did!

When our son started at Huntington he was struggling to keep up in math. He was 2 years behind his peers and became very discouraged. After only 3 months of tutoring at Huntington he has shown significant progress in his math and is quickly approaching his grade level. The staff at Huntington have been wonderful; not only is the caliber of the tutoring top-notch but his tutor and the ancillary staff are all involved in making my son welcome and encouraging his progress. I can’t believe we...

FROM: Frank

Jenah's Story in 5th Grade

In 2015, my family moved to Florida from New York. Just imagine, I move to a new state, new school and a new home. All I can say it was not easy for a third grader. I was scared, very shy and had little self confidence. I did not understand the school work.. That is when my Mom and Dad decided to do sent me to Huntington. Things started to change because I realized with a little help from my tutors I could do well in school. Today, I am confident, smart, and have excellent grades. All...

FROM: Jenah Anderson

He was able to bring up his score from a 28 to a 32!

My son went here for ACT prep. His English score brought down his overall composite score. Their pretest targeted his problem areas and focused his tutoring on this. Between the first pretest and second his English score went up 5 points. His overall goal was to bring up his composite score up 4 points. They helped him with test taking strategies and timing. He was able to bring up his score from a 28 to a 32. Although the tutoring cost a lot overall, he has already received a merit...

FROM: Suzy
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