Wellington Student: I now qualify for 2 major scholarships.

Thank you for your time and effort. You gave me the confidence to go and tackle the SAT. Everyone was so helpful and you all wanted to see me succeed. Your efforts did not go unnoticed and I can not even begin to express my gratitude for all the teaches at Huntington. I am very proud of myself for attacking the SAT and I owe all of it to Huntington. I am so grateful.

FROM: Lydia P

L.S. Improved His Study Habits and Gained More Confidence in His Abilities!

My grades are important to me. I always want to do my best, but homework was taking a long time. I have ADHD, and it gets frustrating. I wasn’t a good reader or writer. After I graduated from eighth grade, my mom thought I should get some tutoring to improve my skills before high school. I started to go to Huntington, and it was a huge help. Now I can get my homework done much faster. I learned how to study better, and my reading comprehension and writing have improved. I have much more...


R.W. Improved his ACT by 6 Points!

Huntington was a great investment in helping me prepare for the ACT. The first time I took the test in October of my junior year, I scored a 28 overall. After personal training and a few practice tests, I scored a 33 when I took the test in February. We did a bit more specific subject training, and I scored a 34 on the April test. The six point improvement was huge, and I ended up with a $24,000 scholarship (approximately 8x the cost of the training). I highly recommend Huntington’s ACT prep...


ACT Prep

Thank you Huntington on San Jose Blvd. You have done amazing things with my daughter in just two months! The scores don't lie! Thank you for helping my daughter get the ACT grade she needed to get into her dream college!

FROM: Jenny Ordway

Increase of Grades

Huntington Learning Center has proved to be a Godsend for our son. He has learned so much these past few months and all of his grades have greatly improved. He has a healthy attitude towards school and learning and his self-esteem has improved tremendously. Thank you so much. Faye Peterson, St. Augustine, FL

FROM: Faye Peterson

Increase of Confidence and Skills

I have to let you know that Miyah Herndon is doing very well in first grade....her confidence is up and she is getting all her work completed....told me the other day that she misses her teachers at Huntington. Thank you for all you did for her.

FROM: Dot Bowden Herndon

William's ACT Went Up 5 Points!

"I wanted to share our happy news! We received William's scores back from his ACT. He scored a 26 !!!! That is 5 points above his last score of 21 and 8 points above his score of 18 that he got he when he took it his junior year. William is so thrilled, as are we! We never dreamed he would improve that much! We are very proud of this accomplishment and we owe much gratitude to all the folks there at Huntington who helped him achieve this goal. This will help him greatly as he pursues his goal...

FROM: Debbie P.

We Can't Believe the Difference

"Our son is a much more solid student and has gained skills that should serve him well for the rest of his academic career. He has so much more confidence and really loves to participate in class. Thank you so much!"

FROM: Mattie W.
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