SAT score exceeded my initial goal

Thank you for the help you gave me in preparation for the SAT. You were recommended by a friend as the best tutor in the area. When I began classes, I realized she was right. My experience couldn’t have been better. Your methods work. Every day I was greeted with a smile and a warm hello. My teachers had my interests in mind and worked hard to give me the help I needed. They drew from supplemental material, showing me that they were both preparing me for the test and making me generally...

FROM: Former Hungitngton Student

Huge improvement in reading grades - more confidence

Thank you for the help you gave my daughter. I was so frustrated as a parent, and since I am a teacher, I knew what I was up against. We began tutoring with you and looked into why she was far behind. We noticed a change in her attitude, she was less frustrated and less drained at the end of the day. She began to like school, even look forward to going; she is participating in class, making friends. Her reading improved from a 71 to a 94. She will always have Dyslexia, however the skill...

FROM: Wendy, a parent and teacher

SAT Success & big time scholarships

Our son’s SAT scores improved more than 400 points putting him in the top 2% of the country. This score played a large role in his gaining admission to the University of Texas to receive a scholarship and in-state tuition, worth over $23,000. None of this would have been possible without Huntington. You developed a program uniquely tailored to his goals and refined it to improve his scores, feel more comfortable with the test, and achieve his goals. You did not use a "cookie-cutter" approach...

FROM: Mrs. C, Huntingdon Valley, PA

Huntington has helped me!

Huntington has helped me! I can add numbers faster. I can regroup now. HLC helped me read faster and not like a zombie. Adding and regrouping helped me with math at school and reading helped me with reading in school.

FROM: Charlie

Reading at Huntington

In reading at Huntington Learning Center, it helped my grades go up from a C to a B+ and A- in fifth grade. Also I know a lot more about writing letters, punctuation and capitalization. It made school a lot better for me.

FROM: Dharma

ACT Prep really helped me.

At Huntington the ACT prep really helped me learn mre about the test, certain strategies have really helped me in English and reading and I plan on using those on the test. I also learned how to structure my essay and what it takes to get the score I want.

FROM: Unnamed student

ACT Score

Congratulations Kinzi for raising your overall ACT score 3 points on the September ACT test.


Jackson got help he needed.

"It helps me become a better reader. I can read faster now. I'm as good as a third grader."

FROM: Jackson
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