Final grade: A+

My son had struggled through 5th & 6th grades. I enrolled him with two months left in 6th grade. In the 4 months before the start of 7th grade, he worked with the staff at Huntington to improve his study skills, math and reading comprehension... He continued attending Huntington for an additional 4 months to help solidify his skills. By the end of his 2nd semester, he was averaging in the 90's in all of his subjects. Besides being more confident. he's much happier with school. Since leaving...

FROM: George X. Santa Clarita, CA

Their program is worth every penny.

Our son went from 90th percentile to 96th percentile in just six weeks. Their program is worth every penny. Mr. Phoebe is relentless in her efforts to enhance standardized scores and overall education of students. Her understanding of why a student is struggling is much much deeper than anyone I have consulted. She breaks down the skill sets into parts that really make up the overall mastery. As a result, when we took our 10-year old to see her, we finally understood what the root causes were...

FROM: Mamun R.

Tom reach his ACT score goal!

We are very happy that he reached his ACT goal of 31 composite. I can’t thank Huntington enough for all your help in his Math tutoring and ACT prep. Yes, it is an investment but it has now brought him straight A’s in all his classes now and in reaching his ACT goal. It has helped him to be more confident in himself and he is not stressed about his grades anymore. Thank you again! --Alice

FROM: Alice

Success in Education

Huntington Learning Center in Bellevue, WA, owned and run by Brian Riddick, is excellent! Huntington in Bellevue has helped our boys tremendously with school and has only brought total success to our boys education. The teachers are all highly trained and knowledgeable in the academic subjects as well excellent in how to teach the subjects and able to tailor to each student's learning style and needs, and every employee truly cares about each student and their success, and also are very...

FROM: Kathy W

Huntington Did Wonders

Chris, I can not THANK YOU enough for making sure that happened. Huntington really did do wonders for her and Joe and I can’t sing your praises enough!

FROM: Staci Cologero

6 point ACT increase!

The Lawrenceville Huntington Learning Center was AWESOME! The attention to detail they gave our daughter was phenomenal. They quickly diagnosed her strengths and weaknesses and gave her personalized strategies to improve the strengths and help eliminate the weaknesses. Our daughter's ACT score prior to coming to Huntington was above average, but she IMPROVED 6 POINTS with the help and support of the Lawrenceville Huntington! Big, big kudos to Colin, Mallory, and their team of truly wonderful...

FROM: Steve and Madeline Gubernick

Building strengths

Huntington will find both the strengths and weaknesses in your child's abilities in order to help them build upon the weaknesses and turn them into strengths. This builds confidence and takes the fear away from learning new things.

FROM: Mrs. Carolyn B.

Our son is motivated now!

Our son has been a struggling student until we found Huntington in Barrington. Now he no longer needs resource help for reading and is moving up in reading groups and math groups. Just as importantly, he now knows he is capable and he is motivated to try hard.

FROM: Robert G.
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