Michelle raised her ACT score from 24 to 30

"I was intrigued by the one-on-one approach to ACT test prep. My daughter wanted to do this so bad- and be able to go to her dream school in California. As a parent, like most, I wanted to give my daughter every chance for this. So we signed up. She immediately came home more confident about her goal score {29-31} and talked excitedly about her teachers {Melissa and Jan}. Throughout the time, she was encouraged, built up and given the keys to success. We just got her scores back...30! That was ...

FROM: Danielle L.

Cassie increased her SAT score and earned a full scholarship

"Cassie went to Huntington her sophomore year to do early SAT® preparation work. Over the course of her program, Cassie raised her SAT® score from 1480 to 1790, which helped her gain acceptance to her first choice school, where she received a full scholarship. Cassie could not be more excited!"

FROM: Steven P.

Jasmine improved her report card

"Our daughter is now at grade level and her test scores have increased dramatically. She was typically a C or D student and she is now an A and B student. The best part is watching her self-confidence grow as she continues to do well. She has learned what it feels like to be successful in school. A huge Thanks to the Huntington staff for sticking with her and getting her to overcome the weakness she had. This experience ended up being Priceless!!!"

FROM: Jessica V.

Brooke does better in math

Brooke is a very shy girl. I knew she needed a little extra help in math and that was an area I couldn't help her in. We brought her into the center to get tested and to our surprise, she was struggling in more areas than what we anticipated. She's been coming to the center now for a few weeks and her teacher has been raving on how much she's improved in class. By just showing different strategies on how to get to the same answer and taking her time with the tests. I can see how her confidence...

FROM: Brookes Mom

Huntington has given us the confidence that our daughter will succeed academically.

Huntington has given us the confidence that our daughter will succeed academically. Our daughter has increased her reading skills and self-confidence within the first few weeks of attending Huntington Learning Center. Thank you to all of the loving, patient, and caring staff that has allowed our daughter to succeed.

FROM: Patrick and Yvette A.

With their help, I transformed the school of my dreams to reality.

The staff is extremely caring and teachers are very invested in you succeeding. With their help, I transformed the school of my dreams to reality. My composite not only jumped to a 34, but I feel more for college as well.

FROM: Karl S.

Chris improved his ACT test score by 7 points!

My mom brought me to Huntington as the last straw to help me get my high school diploma. I was very adamant because when I took the test with them the first time I only got a 13 and I needed a 19 to graduate. Mr. Greene was very helpful and guaranteed that I was going to get my high school diploma as long as I gave my all, followed the program and came to tutoring. And I did, I had a great teacher Dr. Williams who knew the ins and outs of the ACT reading portion. I retook the test and got a 20!...

FROM: Christopher

He needed a personal connection to a tutor, and he found that at Huntington.

I could not find a way to motivate my son via some of the traditional routes (study guides, classes) of preparing for the ACT; he needed a personal connections to a tutor, and he found that at Huntington. That made all the difference.

FROM: Dr. George S.
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