Liam loves school now

When I first came in to Huntington, he was frustrated by school and had almost completely lost confidence in his ability to succeed. I'm so glad we found Huntington! Brian and Rachel used the Huntington testing process to quickly identify areas where my son needed academic assistance and built an individualized program to quickly improve his math, reading and writing skills. My son felt better about his schoolwork on day one and has increasingly achieved better grades. Most importantly, tha...

FROM: Kristin G

College of Choice and a Scholarship!

I want to thank Christiane Brown and all of the tutors and staff at the Huntington Learning Center for the great work they did in helping my son raise his ACT score. Their strategies and the program really work! He increased his ACT composite score by 5 points, got into the college he wanted, and received a scholarship as well! I would strongly recommend Huntington to any students who are seeking to raise their ACT or SAT scores.

FROM: Gretchen Heidi

Another ACT Win

" My thanks to Huntington! My daughter Brenna was very excited that her ACT scores went up! Thanks so much for your tutoring!" Daisy P.

FROM: Daisy Pyatt

Renzo Improved His ACT Score By 6 Points.

"Excelente programa, especialmente preparado a las necesidades de cada alumno, supero las expectativas de mi hijo [Renzo M.], fue el dinero mejor invertido. Renzo saco un 31 en el ACT y un 1360 en el SAT." "Excellent program, uniquely suited to the needs of each student, it exceeded my child's expectations [Renzo M.], it was the best well spent money. Renzo scored a 31 on the ACT and a 1360 on the SAT."

FROM: Patricia S. (madre/mother)

SAT score exceeded my initial goal

Thank you for the help you gave me in preparation for the SAT. You were recommended by a friend as the best tutor in the area. When I began classes, I realized she was right. My experience couldn’t have been better. Your methods work. Every day I was greeted with a smile and a warm hello. My teachers had my interests in mind and worked hard to give me the help I needed. They drew from supplemental material, showing me that they were both preparing me for the test and making me generally...

FROM: Former Hungitngton Student

Huge improvement in reading grades - more confidence

Thank you for the help you gave my daughter. I was so frustrated as a parent, and since I am a teacher, I knew what I was up against. We began tutoring with you and looked into why she was far behind. We noticed a change in her attitude, she was less frustrated and less drained at the end of the day. She began to like school, even look forward to going; she is participating in class, making friends. Her reading improved from a 71 to a 94. She will always have Dyslexia, however the skill...

FROM: Wendy, a parent and teacher

SAT Success & big time scholarships

Our son’s SAT scores improved more than 400 points putting him in the top 2% of the country. This score played a large role in his gaining admission to the University of Texas to receive a scholarship and in-state tuition, worth over $23,000. None of this would have been possible without Huntington. You developed a program uniquely tailored to his goals and refined it to improve his scores, feel more comfortable with the test, and achieve his goals. You did not use a "cookie-cutter" approach...

FROM: Mrs. C, Huntingdon Valley, PA

Huntington has helped me!

Huntington has helped me! I can add numbers faster. I can regroup now. HLC helped me read faster and not like a zombie. Adding and regrouping helped me with math at school and reading helped me with reading in school.

FROM: Charlie
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