Absolutely delighted

We recently used Huntington to prepare our child for the SSAT (entrance exam for private high school) test. They specifically targeted areas that needed work and outlined strategies for how to answer questions in order to achieve the highest score. We were absolutely delighted with the scores. In addition, Huntington was extremely flexible given her busy schedule. We have used Huntington in the past for elementary school tutoring and test prep for our other children. All of our children...


Huntington truly cares

The staff at Huntington Learning Center has helped strengthen my son's reading and math skills as well as his self confidence. They have also taken extra steps to help boost my son's self esteem when he was down to make him feel good about himself and his successes. They connect with my child's teachers to make sure they are doing all they can to help him succeed in school. Huntington truly cares about the whole child! I highly recommend Huntington's tutoring program.:)

FROM: Dee W.

34 on ACT!

Thanks to the support, encouragement, and great instruction from the Huntington Elmhurst teachers and staff, our daughter scored a 34 on her ACT! After being stuck at 30 on her ACT practice tests for a few months, the teachers fine-tuned her instruction to maximize her score. The teachers were never discouraged by her lack of progress on her practice tests; they kept working with her and motivating her to achieve her full potential. She ended up scoring a perfect 36 in Science, formerly one...

FROM: Jennifer W.

Confident Student

We are quite happy with how Huntington helped our daughter overcome test anxiety. She is a smart girl with plenty of potential and just needed some expert tips for test taking. The results are a confident student who can see her own potential! Her first official ACT score came back with a 6 point overall increase. And, as important as these scores can be, what is most satisfying is that after three months of going to Huntington for two hours twice a week, we are pleased to say that our...

FROM: Margaret F.

Big Improvement

Homework was a struggle for our child and his test scores at school needed to improve. We found Huntington and put together a plan. After several weeks of working within their program, I can definitely say there is a big improvement. Our son now works independently on his homework, his grades are picking up, and he has learned important study habits. It's been a lot of hard work for our son, but he has more confidence in his own abilities now and we recommend Huntington to anyone who finds...

FROM: Sheryl S.

Huge Improvement

I have to say, I loved my experience at Huntington and I'm beyond happy with the huge improvement with my ACT score! My very first ACT I took was in March 2015, which I scored a 19 on. My parents and I then decided to sign me up for the October test, and to start Huntington. When I first started Huntington, I received a 19 on their practice test. A few weeks later, I got my October ACT results back which I improved to a 23. I also took another practice ACT test at Huntington which I received a...

FROM: Sara K.

Great Place!

Huntington Learning Center in Elmhurst has a great team and positive energy when it comes to teaching kids. With a supportive and welcoming environment HLC Elmhurst takes teaching kids to a whole new level. If you decide to get tutoring here, rest assured your kids are in good hands and skills will improve!

FROM: Rabs W.

Improved on ACT

Helped all 3 of our children improve dramatically on ACT, resulting in numerous scholarships. Very targeted program. THANKS!!!

FROM: David K.
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