Improved on ACT

Helped all 3 of our children improve dramatically on ACT, resulting in numerous scholarships. Very targeted program. THANKS!!!

FROM: David K.

ACT Scores up!

This tutoring center made a huge difference for three of my kids, who all got scholarships based upon their ACTs. The individual tutoring more than pays for itself. It is a friendly, welcoming place and my kids got so much from their experience.

FROM: Maria R.

Up 7 points!

My son's ACT composite score went up 7 points from his first practice ACT to his first "real" ACT. Loved the targeted approach to all the material. Well worth the $$ and time! So nice to have options/choices while going thru the college search.

FROM: Christy S.

Terrific 1-1 experience

Terrific one on one experience. My son told someone that reading was kinda fun the other day. Surprised bc he always hated it.

FROM: Colleen K.

Liz passed Geometry!

These past few months of my education have been interesting. I came to Huntington so I could pass my Geometry class. The first few visits were Geometry for straight 2 hours, 2 days a week. Honestly, I did not enjoy that at first, however I benefited from this. I passed Geometry!!! I few weeks back I couldn’t even pull a C-. It felt great to be able to tell my teachers at Huntington when I got a good grade on a test. They even put my grades in the “Brag Board” that they have in the center....

FROM: Liz D.

Kyler improves overall!

Thank you for your sincere and caring commitment and dedication in helping children to learn. We are so glad we had the option of sending Kyler to Huntington. It is almost like we have a new child now! Kyler has excelled over the last year, not only in his academics but also in all other aspects of his life. His self-confidence has risen 100%. His grades went from low C’s to B’s and A’s, and the best part…he is doing it on his own. Thanks for all you have done.

FROM: Mrs. Ann Z.

Kurt got into West Point

I was a student at Huntington last year and was working on trying to get into West Point. It is crazy to see how far I have gotten and I owe it all to this fine place, Huntington. It is thanks to the wonderful teachers there. I wanted to share the great news that I was accepted to West Point!!! Thank you for everything.

FROM: Kurt N.

Improve reading skills for my 3rd grader

The tutors at Huntington did a great job with my third grader. Now he reads above grade level. But more importantly he is a more confident student with a desire to learn and grow. Thank you for unlocking his love of learning!

FROM: Jeni V.
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