Achieving Grade Level Potential

My son was in 7th grade and having a really hard time with school, so we decided to look into Huntington. His assessment showed that he was testing out at a 4th grade level in math and 6th grade level in language arts, of course that was concerning. We went ahead and signed him up, and it was the best decision we could have made! My husband was a little skeptical, and thought it was a big expense and could it really make a difference? After our first parent meeting,my husband had a change of...

FROM: Melissa, E.

Struggling with dyslexia

I had tried many private tutors and even teachers from the same school district over the years. None of them gave me as good result as Huntington. The director and the staffs there are very friendly and very patient. One of my boys is dyslexic. He loves to go there because they are very patient with him so he can learn in his own way.

FROM: Sab, D.

Reading growth of 2 grade levels!

I am so thankful for Huntington. My daughter was very behind in school with difficulty in comprehension. Huntington took her under their wings and showed support and encouragement and gave her the confidence she needed to grow. Huntington was very flexible with my schedule. I will not hesitate to call them again for any help!

FROM: Sandy T.

He Scored a 28!!

I just wanted to shoot you guys and email to let you know that Daniel did GREAT on his ACT on 9/16/2016. He scored a 28! I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for working with us and him. I remember our reluctance to commit due to the cost of the review. Well, the cost of the review was worth it--even if he doesn't get his NROTC scholarship (though he is more competitive now:)--he will receive $8,000 annually in scholarship funds at one of his schools. All from the...

FROM: Janet Atarthi-Dugan

Turnaround from failing all classes to passing all in one month

I took my son here when I thought there was no help of him passing his classes. From the very beginning they were so encouraging and told me that if my son worked hard he can pass all grades. So in a months time he went from almost failing all subjects to passing all subjects. The program definitely works , money well spent for your child's future.

FROM: Laurie H

Huntington changes our lives!

We brought our daughter here for Math help. After doing an evaluation, we discovered that she was actually having difficulty with comprehension too! She has been enrolled for 2 months now and I have definitely seen a big difference! We're not fighting over HW anymore and she actually has taken the initiative to start it on her own! Huntington has changed our lives!


Our first grader was struggling with reading. He now picks up books to read on his own.

My son is in first grade and was struggling with reading. He couldn't identify all of his letters nor did he know the sounds they made. We are now 2 months into the program and his entire attitude toward reading has changed and he is more confident now! We don't fight over homework anymore AND he is picking up books to read on his own! What a difference this had made in our lives. The teachers have been amazing! Thank you Huntington!!!!.

FROM: Lori E

Drew reached 1200 for college lacrosse

July 22, 2016 Ed: I am happy to inform you that Drew has achieved a combined score on her two SAT tests of 1,200 which is the number she needs to be eligible for college lacrosse. It is our opinion that she would not have been able to do this without the help of her two Huntington test prep programs. You and your instructors gave her the tools and knowledge to get her score where it needed to be. I would like to thank you for the services you provided. Your SAT prep program...

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