Emily wanted to be on the Honor Roll.

In my one month here at the Huntington Learning Center, I have learned a lot. Varying from vocabulary to reading comprehension, you have helped me improve my skills. Huntington also taught me new and interesting things that I had not heard about. The teachers here at this center are wonderful. These people are the ones who have helped me to extend my abilities. Also, they have prepared me to to go further and work harder in order to pursue greater things in life. Meeting great new people,...

FROM: Emily - 9th Grade in Martinez

Clayton improved his grades dramatically!

To all of my teachers at Huntington, I want to thank you for teaching me how to be a better student. I have had fun coming here to learn. I will miss you when I leave today. I will try hard to be the best student this year.

FROM: Clayton - 3rd Grade in Evans

Huntington Helped

Huntington helped me with my math (multiplication, subtraction and addition). My math grade went up to a "B". Also my reading grade is now an "A". I will miss all the teachers very much.

FROM: Eric (student)

A Poem from a Student

I just wanted to say that you are the best teachers. You helped me succeed at Huntington and school. So to let you know that I really appreciate what you have done form me, I am going to write a poem: Rose are Red, Violets are Blue Huntington Keep Rocking and I will too.

FROM: Jasmine (student)

Parents writing about their 8th grader

Although our son was getting good grades in school, we knew that he was struggling in reading, comprehension, and writing. We could tell that he was getting more and more frustrated and would call himself "stupid". Now that our son has nearly completed his academic plan at Huntington, we have seen improvements in many areas. First, his reading fluency and vocabulary has definitely moved up in grade level which has helped with comprehension. Most importantly, he has become more confident. He tol...

FROM: Mother and father of 8th grader

Letter from mother

At this time I would like to thank you and your staff for the professional and personal education that you have given my son over the past few months. The additional training that he has received has helped him significantly with his studies in school. He has also enjoyed the experience, as well. However, due to circumstances beyond our control we will be leaving the area in the upcoming month. Again, I appreciate all the assistance that you and your staff have provided to John.

FROM: Mother of 6th grader

Letter from a student

I feel that Huntington has helped me learn how to use my skill of concentration more effectively in school and at home. Last year my feeling of confidence grew when homework was no longer a horrible chore and I was able to do it faster. Lately, I’ve gotten to the point where algebra has actually become fun. I’m really looking forward to my future, and I believe Huntington Learning Center has helped me view challenges as another opportunity to succeed rather than fail.

FROM: 7th grader

8 year old doing better in all areas

My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your wonderful staff for the fantastic job that you all have done!! The entire program is worth its weight in gold. The patience, efforts, and time displayed to help or son to improve in all areas of his education – words cannot explain. You have made a life long difference in his education. Our son was 8 when he started your program. He was below reading level, unfocused, unorganized, and difficulty staying on task but wit...

FROM: Mother of child
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